Key Wardrobe Pieces in my Closet

Lauren Conrad is definitely one of my style icons and I look up to her for fashion and style advice. In her book, "Style", she listed key pieces that everyone should have in their wardrobe. I took inspiration from that, and decided to share all of my personal key pieces with you! 

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1. A casual black dress

This item is a staple piece because it can be worn alone or dressed up with a belt, necklace, etc. It's super comfortable and is a go-to item when I have "nothing else to wear"!

2. Ripped boyfriend jeans

These are cool and casual. Again, they go with just about any top and the distressed element makes them very relaxed, yet edgy. 

3. A cute + cozy sweater

I don't always go for comfort in clothing, but this little sweater is the cutest and coziest! I love feminine details and graphics, like this pink rose printed on it.

4. A baby pink feminine skirt

This skirt is the perfect midi length and dresses up any top or blouse. It is also in my favourite colour - pale pink!

5. A black leather jacket

Every girl must have a leather jacket in her closet. It just makes any look that much cooler and this piece is also super versatile. 

6. A fun party skirt

This shocking pink skirt sure brings the fun to any party or going out look! I'm always ready for a twirl in this little number. 

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My 20th

It's my birthday!! I can't believe I'm finally leaving my teen years behind, and moving into my 20's!  For today's post, I am sharing this adorably fun + girly look with a list of twenty things I am thankful for. 

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I always get a dress for the occasion of my birthday. I had the hardest time finding one this this year, though! I have been at school this summer (since my program goes straight through until graduation) and I've been super busy, so finding a dress put so much more stress on me! 

I finally lucked out at literally the LAST store I visited. I came out of Forever 21 with this sweet little baby pink dress and only paid $30. Crazy! I know, right! 


Dress // Forever 21
Shoes // Betsey Johnson
Lipstick Shade // Rio by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Olivia joined the photo shoot, too ^

20 is a milestone for me and I have been faced with many wonderful opportunities and also some struggles. This birthday means so much to me though, because I have so many things to be thankful for at this age. I have listed them all below.

1. My family. I don't know what I would do without them! 
2. My four legged roommate, Olivia. I love having her to come home to every day after school!  
3. My blogger friends! They just totally get it. Check out Adrienne, Blair + Tiffany's blogs! 
4. How much I love my school/program. Even though I had to go to class today on my birthday, I love the fact that I found the perfect place for me to learn and grow into the world of fashion.
5. My health. I am so thankful to be perfectly healthy and be able to live my life to the fullest. 
6. Where I live. I am so proud to be Canadian and call this country home. 
7. All of the things I have been blessed with and worked hard for: clothes, makeup, and other belongings... I really am lucky!
8. All of the opportunities I have been given: FASHION Mashion's Style Panel, my past Internship at Preloved Clothing, assisting my favourite Toronto blog, Random Acts of Pastel, owning my own jewellery business, Sugar Coated... and much more! These experiences are unforgettable and have been great for learning in the industry I love. 
9. How much I've grown as a person! This last year I've moved out on my own into an apartment in the city, and been through things I never would have imagined I could go through alone - but I'm still here and stronger than ever. 
10. Knowing what I want. No plan of mine may be perfect, but I do know what I want and I love setting goals to someday achieve them.
11. This beautiful weather lately! (Oh and air conditioning.)
12. Financial stability during school and learning how to budget. 
13. Weekends. I love having Fridays off from school and spending my 3-day weekend with family, friends, adventures in the city, or in my hometown. There might be some homework involved too, but I still love them!
14. My religion. Knowing that I grew up in a Christian home, and always having that faith to guide me through life. 
15. Music. I am so inspired by music and lyrics. P.S. I am learning how to play the ukulele now, since I got that as a gift for my birthday!
16. Art. I am so thankful for self expression through painting, drawing, fashion, etc. Creativity is where it's at.
17. My camera / photography. Taking pictures has ways been a passion of mine. 
18. Vacations. I got to experience my first solo flight this past year! I love being able to get away and take a "break" from life every once and a while.
19. Toronto. And all the cool locations and people it has to offer. So much culture and so many photo spots and opportunities!
20. Everything. The good and the bad. I am thankful for the lessons life has taught me as time has gone on, and things happen for a reason!
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    Photos by Karen Kuehn

Hello Kitty French Tips

Call me weird, but I have a slight obsession with Hello Kitty! 

I decided to add some extra cuteness to my white french tips by painting little black eyes, a yellow nose, and adding a pink fimo bow. This is the purrrfect mani for anyone in love with adorable Japanese culture!

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YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara Review

I was sent this product to review a little while ago. Even though I do have a go-to drug store mascara, I am always up for trying new things. So I thought, why not?! 

I tried this mascara out and I was looking for the following things: 

Does it give my lashes length? 
Does it give my lashes more volume?
Does it apply nicely?
Does is last all day with no smudging? 

I put it to the test and wore it on some of my busiest days! Read all of my thoughts below...

This mascara is very black, and when applied, it's easy to do and coats my lashes perfectly. I can almost feel the wand lengthening and darkening them one by one. My first impression was: "This is such a great mascara!"

I did one coat, but went back in for a second. It didn't seem to be giving me the volume I am used to with my usual wand. 

One of the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous gold packaging but hello - it's Yves Saint Laurent, so of course it's beautiful! 

I used this product a few times and thought it was great overall, but it was lacking the volume and I missed not having the security of my waterproof mascara. 

Overall, here are the answers to my questions:

Does it give my lashes length? 

Does it give my lashes more volume?
Not a lot!

Does it apply nicely?

Very much so. 

Does is last all day with no smudging? 
No, but if you were to rub your eyes accidentally, or get a little water in them - it will smear or run. 

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This post was sponsored. All products were sent to me complimentary, for the purpose of review. 
All opinions are my own.

High Park

I have been planning this post for a while now and back when I took these photos, there were no cherry blossoms (even though it was peaks season/early May) and it was also FREEZING! It even started hailing. Shoutout to Adrienne for sticking out the weather with me to get some cute photos at High Park. 

I wore this Juicy Couture striped top with an embellished collar, and my very full and playful white tule skirt. I threw on a pair of baby pink satin heels and had a pair of my favourite Calico sunnies to swap in and out with the look. 


Heels // Betsey Johnson
Sunglasses // Calico
Watch // Michael Kors
Earrings // Cherry Pick
Lipstick Shade // Melted Frosting by Too Faced (similar)

Photos and filming by Adrienne Naval

Check out the look book video below:

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Dream Catcher

I got inspired by some images on Pinterest to do an ombré dream catcher design on my nails! It's a little bit different, but still very cute. I used two shades of blue and two shades of pink (light and dark) and a makeup sponge to achieve the ombré effect. I then painted on the dream catchers with a thin nail striper brush afterwards on the fourth finger (accent nail). Seal with a top coat, and you are good to go!

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