I really like the colour pink, ok?

I’m Mikayla (you can call me Mik) and I’m a 20-something-year-old small town girl living in Toronto.
Pink is my obsession and fashion is one of my favourite forms of self expression.

I’m a fashion marketing grad - marketing coordinator by day and fashion blogger by night.
I appreciate feminine details, playful pastel shades, and quirky designs.

Nicknamed “the brunette Elle Woods” in college, pink has been a constant part of my life
and something I’ve always been known for.

Follow my journey through wardrobe and words and join The Pink Life!

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I've had the pleasure of working with many fashion and beauty brands. Here are a few:

The Pink Life is a PR friendly blog. I am more than happy to receive emails about all products,
sponsorships, advertising and possible collaborations. In doing this, I aim to bring useful and entertaining
posts to my readers and part of that involves working with brands.

The Pink Life is a personally written blog and I will always be open and honest with my readers.
All reviews are from my personal experience and my own opinion.

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