Wish List Wednesday: Fall Fashion 2015

It's Wish List Wednesday! 

Tomorrow I move to Toronto to get settled into my new apartment, place furniture, decorate, and more! I am very excited for that, but also excited for fall fashion and trends. I want to add some new things to my wardrobe before I start fashion school (next Tuesday), so this is what is on my wish list!

I am in love with the faux leopard fur coat trend. I attached a photo of one from ASOS, but Aritzia also has a nice one that I might be going after soon. I would also like to add a black leather jacket to my wardrobe, a pair of these blogger-worthy Prada sunglasses, and some more ribbed turtleneck sweaters. Some ripped boyfriend straight-legged denim would be great to have for fall too, along with some gold and white frends headphones (for music, and to accessorize with, of course!) Marble printed items such as this Mac Book laptop case have been catching my eye too. I also think that this Barrington St. Anne printed Bambi deer inspired tote would be perfect for fall!

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Baby Blue

The countdown is on! Only one more week until I move from my small town, to the big city. 

This is probably one of my last chances to dress like it's full-on summer, but I went for it. I paired this pale blue maxi skirt with this white and black windowpane crop top. I also added a silver statement necklace, a pink lip, and put my hair up in a top knot to complete this quirky, fun look. 

Photography by Thomas Birney

What I Wore:

Top // H&M
Skirt // Boohoo.com
Sandals // Sears
Necklace // Faun Boutique (Port Hope)
Watch // Michael Kors 
Lipstick Shade // Petal Pink by Maybelline

See the whole outfit in motion in this lookbook video below!

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Review: KVD Lock-It Featherweight Primer + Lock-It Tattoo Foundation

I had been in the market for a new foundation for a while now, and with my super oily, acne-prone skin, it was quite a process to find the perfect full-coverage foundation that wouldn't make me totally break out after every use. After much research, question asking, and YouTube review watching, I found my perfect match with the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation, in shade Light 44. I paired it with the Lock-It Featherweight Primer, and they go together perfectly. 

I had at first thought the Light 42 was a better fit, but after taking home some samples from Sephora to try, I realized it was way too light on my skin and made me look even paler than I am naturally! The Light 44 was a perfect match, and is luckily available in stores, as for the Light 42 can usually only be found for purchase online. 

First Impressions:

My first time using this primer and foundation was an experience. Compared to my outgoing usual foundation, this one is super full-coverage and I only need a small amount. 

Another thing that I noticed about this foundation (that may bother some) is that it smells SO weird. I did not like the smell at first, and it seemed so unusual to me. After about a week of wearing it, I have become accustomed to the scent - and I no longer notice it at all!


The first thing I noticed about applying this, is that I could not get a perfect finish by using my liquid foundation brush. It left my face looking streaky, and uneven in places. I then opted for a beauty blender, (this pink makeup sponge). I am now able to work the product into the sponge, and apply the foundation evenly over my face. 

Throughout the day wear:

This foundation is full-coverage, great for oily skin (like mine) and provides a long-lasting wear. I found it slightly transferable (to clothing, tissues, etc) and it feels a bit thick and wet when applied, but throughout the day, you can't notice it as much. For some, this may be considered a "heavy weight" foundation, but for my skin needs, I am in love with it. 

Another reason that some may refer to this foundation as heavy and/or cake is because of applying too much product. With this foundation, a little goes a long way! I use about one full pump or two half pumps. 

Throughout the day, my skin usually gets so oil to the point that my foundation practically melts off of my face. With this primer and foundation combined, it stays on all day for me and if I feel myself getting oily, it does not come off. Instead of looking melted-like, it gives a luminous type of glow. I tend to choose looks over comfort, so that's fine for me!

Overall Thoughts and Opinions:

I love this foundation for my skin type. I think it is perfect for oily skin, and also does NOT make my skin freak out! Every night I use makeup remover wipes to get rid of all product on my face, then wash with a daily cleanser. That way I can prevent breakouts caused by my makeup. If you want to see a post about my daily or nightly skin care routine, leave me a comment below. 

 Overall, I have to say that this foundation is probably the best one I've ever used! 

Demo Video:

This video will show you my application process of both the primer and foundation. The steps in the video are as follows:

First, use one pump of the KVD Lock-It Featherweight Primer and apply all over face.

Then, I take two pumps of the Lock-It Tattoo foundation onto the back of my hand. 

I use my beauty blender to pink up the product, and then apply in dabbing motions all over my face. 

I continue by picking up product, bending it into my skin, and covering all blemishes, redness, and imperfections on my face to even out my skin tone. 

Once complete, I then continue with the rest of my makeup routine. If you would like to see a full makeup tutorial used with this primer and foundation, leave me a comment below or any makeup tutorial suggestions!

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Nail Art: Metallic Pink Leopard

My #currentclaws have been this baby pink shade with some metalic pink leopard spotting on an accent nail. I had painted these with a small nail art brush set from Sally's Beauty Supply Store. I was going for something really girly and fun, but not too out there. The plain pink colour on all my nails with one nail as an accent, goes perfectly for a simple, yet pretty design. 

My nails are also currently in this on-trend almond shape! If you want a tutorial video on how I keep this shape of my nails, or tutorials in the future on how to create specific nail designs, leave a comment below! 

If you give this nail art design a try on your own nails, take a photo and hashtag it with #makcurrentclaws! I would love to see your recreations. 

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Still In Summer

I still can't believe it's already September. Since I don't start school until October, it still feels very much like summer to me. Despite the recently cooler weather, I have still been wearing some summer pieces - but trying to transition them to fall. 

Today's look features some darker colours, with summer clothing. A black halter tank top, some high waisted denim shorts, and black wedges. I accessorized with a quartz crystal ring, and a pink crystal necklace. My black hat makes this outfit a little more edgy, and completes the whole look! My lipstick shade is also great for fall and I can't wait to wear it more now that the autumn is approaching. 

Photography by Thomas Birney

What I Wore:

Top // Lulu's
Shorts // Forever 21
Wedges // ALDO
Black Felt Hat // Sears
Necklace // Urban Planet
Watch // Michael Kors 
Rings // H&M
Lipstick Shade // Berry Glacé by Clinique

See the whole outfit in motion in this lookbook video below!

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College / Apartment Wish List

That's right - I'm going to Fashion School in October and that means I will be moving to Toronto, and living in my own apartment, with my cat, Olivia. 

This wish list was a few things that I have compiled over time of items I would like for my new living space and back to school / attending college. Some are realistic purchases, and others are... well, unrealistic. But a girl can dream, right?

I have decided to go with a colour scheme of mainly pale/blush pinks, white, gold, and silver. I am obsessed with this pale pink towel set from Sears, and this white faux fur rug from Ikea. The pink peony shower curtain is also so pretty and would add the perfect balance of pink and white to my bathroom. I would also love to decorate with a few pink peonies throughout my apartment, and some green faux plants like the one above. 

Another decoration piece I would like to get is a cute wall art piece like the print pictured above. I am actually currently working on my own custom print with LG Paper Co at the moment! I can't wait to see how it turns out. 

Some back-to-school / entering college necessities would be a new backpack, like this blush pink leather one above, and a Mac Book Pro. 

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Stripes and Flowers

School is approaching for many students this coming week - but for me, my college program does not begin until October 5th. Technically, I have another month off to catch up on rest, get things organized, and work. I still have been thinking about summer lately, and it has not quite hit me that fall is right around the corner. 

For today's post, I am wearing a casual summer outfit. A black and white striped t-shirt with distressed, high-waisted denim shorts. This outfit needed a pop of colour though, so I added in a  bright pink lip, and some fun pink flowers as a prop! 

Good luck to everyone heading back to school this year - I know I can't wait until I start my schooling!

Photography by Thomas Birney

What I Wore:

T-Shirt // H&M
Shorts // Forever 21
Sandals // Sears
Sunnies // Calico
Lipstick Shade // Schiap by NARS

See the whole outfit in motion in this lookbook video below!

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