5 Pink Places In Toronto That You Need To Visit This Summer

I love to visit new places in Toronto - especially pink places! Summertime is a great time of the year to explore and find places you never even knew existed. 

Make It Feel Like You Have Your Life Together

There is no better feeling than to feel like you have your life together. For me, it’s that feeling right after I clean and disinfect the entire apartment, when I sit down at the end of a to-do list filled night and do a face mask, or when I finish planning all of my outfits for the week on a Sunday night. 

Ain't No Rapper

I have always loved and enjoyed weird things. I'd say I like to keep things interesting and I enjoy being a little different. I've also always had this thing with rap music. 

Evio Beauty Review (Primer, Concealer, Lip Gloss)

I recently found out about up and coming beauty brand, Evio Beauty, and was instantly captivated by their minimal mint green packaging as well as their cruelty-free, and conscious approach to products that are good for your skin, planet and community.