A Checklist For The Perfect Pink Christmas

A perfect pink Christmas involves a few very necessary things. Today I'm sharing my personal checklist when it comes to having the best kind of holiday season in all shades of pink!

Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

It's easy to fall into routine and get stuck in your comfort zone. But if you continuously want to keep growing, old way won't open new doors. 

Creative Gift Ideas For Anyone You Love

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone with meaning and something they will actually appreciate. If you have some time, here are some super easy and cute gift ideas to make for your friends or family this holiday season!

Fear of Trying New Things

I recently read a caption in one of Autumn Hachey's Instagram posts that really resonated with me. It talked about the fear of trying new things and "just doing it" in today's "title" obsessed world. 

Haircare Products I Couldn't Live Without

Do you ever find haircare products that just work for you and you never want to let them go? I have a few that I've been loving lately and a couple of these are long-time loved items as well!

How To: Mermaid Hair Feat. The Wave Maker by Cake Beauty

My current loves are the following things: the colour pink (duh), thick wavy hair and sugary sweet scents. Can I just say that this product by Toronto brand, Cake Beauty, captivates all of those things in the best way with their Wave Maker tousling spray?

My Oily Skin K-Beauty Skincare Routine

K-Beauty has changed my skincare game in the best way possible. From the cute and quirky packaging to the simple but effective ways of use - I can now say that I have completely jumped on the K-Beauty bandwagon and can't wait to share more details on my full skincare routine today!