Looking Back But Moving Forward: 2018 Review

2018 was definitely a year based on personal growth. I experimented with my style, my content and felt like I got more in touch with myself. I am still on a journey of loving myself and owning my quirks - but 2018 was a pivotal year in accepting myself for who I am.

I have never felt this confident with who I am and what capabilities I feel that I have. No one is ever perfect, and I am not aiming for perfection - I am aiming for being the best version of myself. A version that does not doubt and worry about anything and everything that can go wrong, a version that does not overthink about what other people's opinions are and a version that is loving, caring and open minded.

What I've learned the most this year is the importance in confidence, owning my choices and who I am and appreciating whatever it is that I have in the moment.

I don't want to dwell on the past for much longer, so let's just sum up 2018 quickly:

1. Experienced my first part-time freelance job

2. Celebrated 1 year at my full time job in November

3. Went to a spontaneous concert (totally unplanned, totally unlike me - but it was Tink so how could I pass that up?)

4. Took another amazing trip to Florida to visit Grandma

5. Published 97 blog posts

6. Celebrated 3 years of MAK Style

7. Had the pleasure to work with many creative individuals and collaborate with new and old brands that I love (Poppy and Peonies, Cake Beauty, Head and Shoulders, BYBI Beauty, Gillette Venus, etc.)

8. Joined the Fit Girl Gang and started working on a healthier lifestyle for myself

9. Started working a secret creative project (that I can't wait to share in 2019!)

I'll be publishing a post all about my goals for 2019 very soon - so check back for that in a couple days! If you want to check out last year's recap (2017) you can see that here. 

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. What is the best thing that happened to you in 2018?

Thanks for reading today!

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