My Favourite Instagrammers

Today I wanted to write a fun post - something new and also something I'm very into. I am obsessed with Instagram if you didn't already know that - so today I am going to share with you a few of my favourite Instagrammers / Instagram accounts.

In no particular order, I have listed below all of my favourited accounts on Insta, and all the reasons I (heart eye emoji) them!


1. @cats_of_instagram 

This account always has adorable photos of kittens + cats of all cat breed / colour/ size and they are adorable! Being a cat lover, this is such a great account to follow. They always do multiple daily posts, so you never miss a dose of cuteness. Expect these photos to be in your explore feed if you follow me!



2. @disneystyle 

As a fashion AND Disney lover, I am in love. This account combines those two obsessions into one. It is filled with inspiration - from style to DIY, to even makeup. All Disney related! 


3. @randomactsofpastel 

Alyssa sure knows how to take a good "Instagram worthy" photo. She captures everything perfectly and her feed looks as though she lives in a pastel and glitter-filled world. She is also from Toronto and writes a blog called Random Acts of Pastel. Super fitting. If you didn't know already - I interviewed Alyssa back in the summer and wrote a whole article on her! Check that out here


4. @stephsterjovski +Steph Sterjovski 

Stephanie (also a Toronto fashion blogger) has a chic, sophisticated and beautiful Instagram theme. Her photos are always very modern and gorgeous - and I am inspired by her style. 


5. @rachparcell 

I have followed Rachel of for a few years now and absolutely love her Insta feed, bold and feminine clothing choices, and her house / home decor is to die for. She recently had a baby as well, and she (baby Isla) is adorable! I love how Rachel shares an insight of her life and family in her feed as well. 

If you would like to follow me on Instagram to keep up with blog posts, fashion/style related posts, beauty + more... follow me @mikaylakuehn !

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Pink Cocoon

This week has been crazy busy for me as I have had an assignment due in pretty much every class this week in school, and just started a new internship position on Monday!

In today's post I am going to be talking about one of my favourite coats for fall! I am obsessed with pastels - and this pastel pink coat right here had my name written all over it. It is probably my most frequently worn coat that I own, and I can always find great outfits to wear with it. I either wear a more neutral outfit (like this one that I have on), or even something a bit more risky, to make a statement. 

The pieces I paired this coat with was a plain white turtleneck tank top, some black jeans, my Valentino inspired studded nude heels, and some gold accessories. My lipstick shade is a deep plum/purple and I think it adds a touch of sophistication and boldness to the look. 


What I Wore:

Top + Pants // H&M
Coat //
Ring // H&M
Shoes // Tobi
Watch // Michael Kors 
Lipstick Shade // Rose Glow by CLINIQUE


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Wish List Wednesday: Winter Wardrobe

Winter is approaching. Yep, winter. 


It's going to get cold, but the fashionista inside me would rather choose looks over comfort. I am loving the Zara styled vest-coats and other jackets with the lengthy collars. I also am in love with turtle-neck sweaters, like this pink one above. 

For winter, I need a good few pairs of jeans, but they have to be stylish. For example, these chic white ones with cut-outs at the knees. I would freeze, but it would be worth it. 

I also would love to get my hands on a deep red lipstick for fall/winter, and also some relaxing colouring books to do when school gets overwhelming. It seems to be the new trend lately for adults to own colouring books like these!

My last few items I am in need of this season are a good pair of comfy slippers to wear around my apartment (since I do spend a lot of time here, and my feet may get cold in the winter). I would also like to invest in a new iPad case - since my current Michael Kors one is practically dying (R.I.P.) - or a cute water bottle to take with me to school! I've had my eye on this Kate Spade one for a while now. 

Thanks for reading today, and if you would like to know where you can get your hands on any of these products, check out this link!


Today's outfit is all about faux fur! I paired this vest with a black turtle neck tank top, black pants, a black belt, some Chanel sunglasses, my usual black Celine inspired bag, and some black ankle booties. 

This pink ombré vest is completely fake, and no animals were used in the making of this garment! I am proud to say I have never bought anything with real fur. It is so unnecessary to harm animals for clothing!

Aside from the outfit details - it has been a while since I've given any sort of update on my new life in the city. It's been great here and I love the Fashion Marketing program I am taking. I am learning so much and meeting so many great people! For more insight on my experiences in College and living in Toronto, follow my Instagram @mikaylakuehn - or - add me on Snapchat @mikayla_k17.


What I Wore:

Top + Pants // H&M
Faux Fur Vest // Haoduoyi
Necklace // Faun Boutique
Rings + Boots // H&M
Sunglasses // Chanel (gift)
Watch // Michael Kors 
Lipstick Shade // Petal Pink by PALADIO


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My Hair Care Routine ft. OGX


This nourishing coconut milk shampoo and conditioner by OGX (Organix) is beyond cleansing and refreshing for your hair! I have never used something that leaves my hair with that true clean feeling - and with a scent I love!

OGX is all about pure and simple. So unattainable looks don’t inspire them. Originality and creativity is what does. From the exotic ingredients, to the shape of the bottles, to their quest for sustainability, they approach beauty in their own way.

I picked up my first bottles of OGX shampoo and conditioner at Shoppers Drug Mart. Even after trying other brand's products after OGX, I am always reverting back to it. Nothing else gets the job done like these do. 

If you have any other questions or are curious about the products ingredients, check out this page!


I have naturally oily hair - so it does get pretty greasy and not so attractive - even if I wash it everyday. This shampoo and conditioner has changed my hair game in so many ways and now I know my hair is getting a good deep clean with every use. 


My hair is now a pretty short length (compared to a few months ago), so I use about a loonie-sized amount of product for my whole head. 

Just as any other shampoo, I lather it up and massage it through my scalp, and rinse thoroughly after working in the product a bit. 

For the conditioner, I use about the same amount, and only apply it to the bottom half of my hair, concentrating on the ends. 

OGX offers many options for all different hair types. Whether you are in need of moisture, nourishment, volume, strength, more shine, etc, OGX has something for you!

If you want to see what OGX product you should try, take their fun quiz to find out what your hair is craving!

Photos by Mikayla Kuehn

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Blushing Pink

This particular look was shot a few months ago, back in my home town, but I still wanted to share it!

I love anything pink, and I have a slight obsession with skirts. This blush pink one is one of my favourites lately! It's mid-length and super wearable for fall. I paired it with this basic white cotton button up shirt, this gorgeous silver (and blogger-worthy) statement necklace, some white sandals, and this beautiful quartz stone ring. 


What I Wore:

Shirt // Old Navy
Skirt // Brina Box
Necklace // Faun Boutique
Ring // H&M
Sandals // Sears
Watch // Michael Kors 
Lipstick Shade // Pink Sugar by CLARINS


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