I really like the colour pink, ok?

 I’m Mikayla (you can call me Mik) and I’m a 20-something-year-old small-town girl living in Toronto. Pink is my obsession and fashion is one of my favourite forms of self-expression. Nicknamed 'the brunette Elle Woods' and 'Barbie' in fashion school, pink has been a constant part of my life and something I’ve always been known for. 

I’m a fashion marketing grad - a 9-5 social media manager by day, and influencer/fashion blogger by night. I appreciate feminine details, playful pastel shades, and quirky designs. I'm all for memorizing the latest female rap track, solo dance parties, pineapple on pizza, coordinating in monochrome pink, and taking photos of anything and everything. I have a huge place in my heart for my cat (Olivia), pomeranian puppies, and Disney movies.

The Pink Life has become more than just a platform to share my latest finds in (pink) outfits and (pink) beauty - it's been a place where I have created a community filled with those of similar interests and we are all one big online support system. I always appreciate individuals who are not afraid to express themselves and chase their dreams. Pink, kindness, and community are what I'm all about and I love partnering with brands and fellow bloggers who share these values as well!

Follow my journey through wardrobe and words and join The Pink Life!

I've had the pleasure of working with many fashion and beauty brands. Here are a few:

The Pink Life is a PR friendly blog. I am more than happy to receive emails about all products,
sponsorships, advertising and possible collaborations. In doing this, I aim to bring useful and entertaining
posts to my readers and part of that involves working with brands.

The Pink Life is a personally written blog and I will always be open and honest with my readers.
All reviews are from my personal experience and my own opinion.

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