The Most Rewarding Parts of Blogging

My blog has been my “side hustle” for the last few years (I honestly just did it as a hobby at first) and there has been so many rewarding parts to it aside from the cool events, free products and extra cash. 

Elevate Your Oral Hygiene with Brüush

The extent of my electronic toothbrush experience has been with a Barbie brush made by Mattel. So when I had the chance to try Brüush, I was very excited to not only get to try an advanced technology electronic toothbrush, I was also thrilled to be getting a pink one that has an absolutely stunning design!

5 Pink Places In Toronto That You Need To Visit This Summer

I love to visit new places in Toronto - especially pink places! Summertime is a great time of the year to explore and find places you never even knew existed. 

Make It Feel Like You Have Your Life Together

There is no better feeling than to feel like you have your life together. For me, it’s that feeling right after I clean and disinfect the entire apartment, when I sit down at the end of a to-do list filled night and do a face mask, or when I finish planning all of my outfits for the week on a Sunday night.