The Most Rewarding Parts of Blogging

My blog has been my “side hustle” for the last few years (I honestly just did it as a hobby at first) and there has been so many rewarding parts to it aside from the cool events, free products and extra cash. 

Today I’m rounding up some of the most rewarding things that I have been grateful to experience while on my journey with blogging. 

Your Passion = Your Side Hustle

Blogging truly combines all the things I love. Creative visions, photography, writing, fashion, beauty, and more! It’s hard work, but it does pay off. I love to use my clothes as a form of self expression. I love to be able to document my life in little articles and share them with the world. I also love seeing my visions come to life when it comes to content creation and helping other brands with spreading their mission as well. 

Making Friends 

The internet is a cool place and over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. I really do enjoy running into new friends at blogging events or even on Instagram in the comment section / dm’s. Blogging has brought so many people into my life with common interests and I know they can relate to a similar lifestyle of working other gigs with content creation on the side!

Giving Back 

I always get messages from young girls asking about how I got started with my blog, how I got my job in marketing and what kind of school I went to. I seriously LOVE being able to talk to them about their dreams and their goals and encourage them to take them next steps in their life. It reminds me of when I was in their shoes and looking for any advice or others in a position I wanted to be in, and I would seek help online from other young women working in social media / blogging as well. It’s a pretty cool feeling to be able to support others and treat them the way I know I would have appreciated when I was once there. 

Those would be my top 3 but there are so many others as well! Blogging has helped me share a portfolio of my work for potential jobs, given me credibility and also been a great form of creative expression that helps with my anxiety/need of feeling productive. 

Are you a blogger? What is the most rewarding part for you? Let me know in the comments! 

By the way - I am obsessed with this super comfy and flattering dress from Blue Vanilla and it's definitely going to be a repeated item through the next half of summer for me! Can't wait to style it more ways soon.

Thanks for reading today

Wearing: Blue Vanilla Dress, Vintage Sandals, Reitmans Sunnies and Bag, Michael Kors Watch, Kate Spade Bracelet

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  1. I really enjoy reading your post. This platform can be overwhelming sometimes but it nice too to be able to connect with other and help brand to spread their mission. You are doing a great job! Love your dress by the way :)