Make It Feel Like You Have Your Life Together

There is no better feeling than to feel like you have your life together. For me, it’s that feeling right after I clean and disinfect the entire apartment, when I sit down at the end of a to-do list filled night and do a face mask, or when I finish planning all of my outfits for the week on a Sunday night. 
I decided to compile a list of things that help relax me and balance my life. These are little things that I love sprinkling into my routine and lifestyle.

I love incorporating essential oils into my weekly cleaning ritual. I put a few drops of these in my humidifier and it instantly lifts the room to a whole other level. I love the Woodlot scents and the packaging is also stunning!

One of my favourite ways to relax and unwind is a face mask at the end of the night. Without any hesitation, I always grab my MaskerAide masks - duh! They always make my skin feel so soft, smooth and hydrated. My oily skin even loves them! I always look and feel so glowy after a good MaskerAide mask application.

4. Skincare in general 

My skincare routine has been the one thing that gets me ready for bed and really helps me wind down after a busy day. I've been doing a cleanser, toner, face mask, moisturizer and serum/oil. I love how it makes me feel super fresh and clean right before bed!

5. Candles

I have and always will love a good burning candle. Pretty pink scented candles just get me and I feel like I can never have too many. I love all the sweet smelling ones like this pink petal tea cake one or even a cotton candy or bubblegum one. 

5. Lists / Planners 

The last thing that I love to have - and they definitely make me feel like I have my life together - are my lists. I am such a list maker! I love to make lists and cross things off as I go and I never want to forget anything. When I get something done that isn't on the list, I also go back and add it, just so that I can check it off - haha!

These things are great for unwinding and keeping organized (in my opinion!). What helps make you feel like you have your life together? Do you have a favourite way to relax? Let me know if the comments!

Thanks for reading today

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