Ain't No Rapper

I have always loved and enjoyed weird things. I'd say I like to keep things interesting and I enjoy being a little different. I've also always had this thing with rap music. 

I've had a knack for memorizing raps from a pretty young age and I always loved reciting them; whether it was in my head, out loud on my way home from the bus stop in the evenings, in my room getting ready in the mornings, etc. 

 Sure, I thought Kanye and Lil Wayne were cool, but there was something about female rap that was so cheeky and inspiring to me. I loved the theatrical way of expressing words through tone and rhythm - like the way Nicki Minaj did. I loved the effortless and powerful vibe from Missy Elliott. And I looked to others for inspiration like Lauryn Hill.

When I really started getting into hip hop music, this was when I did a hip hop dance class in the 8th grade. I was adding songs to my iPod such as "We Run This" (Missy) and "Live Your Life (Rihanna and T.I.). I listened to the song "Bedrock" by Young Money on repeat, even though I had no idea what everything meant in this song at the time (lol), but I loved the vibe that the music had. 

I became quickly obsessed with Nicki Minaj and her Pink Friday phase. I memorized every bar she had on any featured song circa 2008-2011 and I had her whole discography in my iTunes library (old mixtapes, old collaborations, unreleased songs - you name it). If she rapped it, I knew it.

I never really realized "rapping" was considered much of a talent until friends started acting surprised that I could rhyme off all these lines without stopping. They would also be surprised that I could remember / memorize al of it. I couldn't keep the dates in order for my grade 10 Canadian history exam, but for some reason I could spit a whole line up of Nicki Minaj tracks.

As years went on, I fell in love with more genres of hip hop and other artists, but female rappers will forever be my fave. I remember when Iggy Azalea came out with the song "Fancy" and I quickly learned all of her songs on "The New Classic".  A not so popular artist, Azalea Banks also came on  radar and her mixtape project "Fantasia" was a vibe as well. Later I would discover Honey C (also from Toronto), Tink and Doja Cat, who are a few personal favourite female hip hop artists of mine currently.

I love more than just female rappers, of course. I also found Mac Miller back in 2013, who was featured on Ariana's song "The Way" and quickly became a huge fan of his sound as well. I remember downloading and listening to his album "Watching Movie With The Sound Off" on my first flight to Vancouver, and I had been a huge fan since.

More recently, I discovered Shaboozey and fell in love with his deep melodic tones and basically every song is amazing on his 2018 album "Lady Wrangler". 

I have a mix of different artists that I enjoy, and I always love finding new ones. Never did I ever think that I would take this little fun fact about myself (rapping) and turn it into something real. 

I am not a "rapper" in any way, but it sure is fun to do, and that's why I made the song "The Pink Effect" produced by Jnrique. It's never been so easy to put myself into words than doing it in a way I love most - music.

If you haven't listened yet, please check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading today

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