Grateful For This Experience

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the feedback + support on my song, "The Pink Effect"

This has been a crazy experience from start to finish and if you have no idea what I'm talking about - listen to my track here!

I had never done anything like this before, and never thought that I would ever attempt to make music for real. I honestly had no idea what to expect when this all started. 

From the time I decided to actually make something with this rap I wrote, I was a little intimidated about doing something that I had literally no experience in. Who am I to make a song out of some silly bars I wrote? What if people think I'm no good? What if they think I take myself too seriously? 

I'm not a rapper in any way, but I actually love rapping. I love beats, I love memorizing lines and I love spitting them and keeping things interesting. As the "type" of girl I am, no one ever really expects that I would be into the hip-hop scene (lol), but I like that and I like being able to make fun of it in a way.

There was a point in my life where I feel like I took everything way too seriously and you could probably call me "uptight" in a way. A lot of things were not working for me and I started to get frustrated with myself. After lots of overthinking and talking over with friends and family, I came to realize that I can't help the way that I am, and I need to just embrace who I am. That includes all the non-swearing, over-planning and RSVP'ing. When I wrote this song and wrote out all of my quirks, it was therapeutic in a way to put it all out there and say "yeah, this is who I am - and I'm cool with that". 

Since the making of this rap process, I feel like my overall energy has shifted and I've become more relaxed in a way - and it's been a good way to poke fun at myself too.

I am so so grateful for this whole experience and for everyone who believed in me along the way and said it sounded like I had been rapping for years... technically, I have, but that's besides the point (haha).

This original song means a lot to me and if you have a chance to hear it, please let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading today

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