Today's Outfit Is Pink

One of the first things anyone learns about me is that I love the colour pink. I have always loved pink - and always will. It's my thing, it's my go-to colour and I feel like it describes me as a person very well. 

It's a Spring Thing: Essie Polish Spring 2018 Collection

I am so in love with the new spring polishes by essie! I used a few of them in my latest nail art look for spring with some black and gold leopard print patterning. 

It's All About Attitude

Out of all the things you do in life, I believe that having a good attitude is extremely important. If I could give life advice to anyone, it would definitely be to have a positive attitude. I know - it’s overused and I don’t want to sound super cliché, but I can’t stress it enough! Having a positive attitude has been one of the most important things for me in terms of work, setting goals and personal success. 

Create Your Own Blend: Marc Anthony Styling Cocktails Review

I am super excited to talk about these Marc Anthony styling cocktails on the blog today! I got to try out 3 of the new dual styling formulas: Curl Cocktail (yellow), Smoothing Cocktail (blue) and Volume Cocktail (pink). 

I would say that I have super thick, naturally straight hair. My scalp is naturally super oily and I have A LOT of hair! I love trying new hair products that help me style it different ways. I am always looking for new ways to wear my hair and make it look super smooth, shiny and healthy.