It's a Spring Thing: Essie Polish Spring 2018 Collection

I am so in love with the new spring polishes by essie! I used a few of them in my latest nail art look for spring with some black and gold leopard print patterning. 

It is FINALLY starting to warm up here in Toronto and I think spring might actually happen this year. It's about time! I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate with this pastel spring-inspired nail art look.


Here is the full collection! It has a nautical theme complete with ocean-inspired shades and super cute names. In the package that was sent to me, it also included a theme appropriate sailor hat that was embroidered with my insta handle! Such a cute detail and so much love for essie. 

My favourite colours would be Perfect Mate or Pass-port to Sail. These colours scream spring and the original essie formula is a nail polish fave of mine. I've always been a huge fan of essie and the brand continues to impress me!

What is your favourite shade in the collection? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading today.

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