Today's Outfit Is Pink

One of the first things anyone learns about me is that I love the colour pink. I have always loved pink - and always will. It's my thing, it's my go-to colour and I feel like it describes me as a person very well. 

If you've been a reader for a while now, I'm sure that lately you can tell that the "pink" has been a little less prominent in my content and my outfit photos. My style used to be a bunch of pink dresses and feminine details, but now it's definitely evolving into something I am still trying to figure out. 

I feel like I am finally in a place where I can experiment more with my style and pull urban vibes from this amazing city that I live in. I love incorporating pink whenever I can, but sometimes it's not always going to be a pink look. I feel like I painted this pink picture for everyone, and whenever I showed up without a touch of pink or glitter - people would question me or wonder what happened (lol). 

Nothing happened - I am still Mikayla Pink. I'm still the girl with big dreams, lover of Disney movies and would choose a pink cupcake over a chocolate cupcake any day. 

Today's outfit will be pink, tomorrow's might be black, but I am still the same girl.

I hope you stick around and continue to find inspiration in my journey and style! #THEPINKLIFE will always be at my core.

This outfit was structured around this adorable Zara tee that I found online a few weeks ago. I decided to go full-on pink and paired it with some hot pink trousers, pink sunnies and a rose gold pink pom-pom cross body. I even got stopped in the street by some street style photographers to capture this look! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for when I share those shots.

Zara Tee // Burlington Pants // Vintage Levi's Denim Jacket // Forever 21 Glasses // ALDO Boots // Call It Spring Cross Body Bag // H&M Hoop Earrings

Thanks for reading today!

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