Summer Beauty Go-To's 2017

The heat is on and it's time to round up my summer beauty essentials for 2017! Keep reading for all product details...

Palm Leaves and Pink

Hi pretty pink babes! In today's outfit post, I'm sharing this super cute leaf print top that I am totally obsessed with and it will DEF be on repeat in my wardrobe this summer!

Zaful Wish List + Giveaway

Happy first day of summer!

I have been loving Zaful lately! Ever since I got my pink embroidered dress from that online store, I have been eyeing more and more items and adding them to my wish list. In celebration of the first day of summer, and for the sake of outfit inspiration and my love for shopping - I have created this list from the site and also sharing details on how to win a gift card from them! Keep reading for more information.

Home is Toronto

I've lived in Toronto for almost two years now. I moved here for school, to pursue my dreams in fashion, and experience city living. It was a huge change moving from such a small town to the big city. I am so happy I did though, and everything has been going really well since!

Taking Care of Coloured Hair with Pai-Shau

Ever since I got my pink hair (with super blonde ombré) I've been using the Pai-Shau hair line to nourish my locks and keep them silky, shiny, and super healthy. I use an easy 3-step system that ensures the overall feel and appearance of my newly dyed hair!

Styling my Pink Hair

Pink hair is so much fun! Even though it's only temporary (and it's basically faded IRL by now), it was fun to style while I had it. Coloured hair just adds so much more of a statement to your overall look, and I loved dressing up with neutrals and also playing with some prints.


Lavelle is one of the prettiest bar and restaurants I've ever been to in Toronto. From the printed walls to the amazing view - no wonder all the bloggers have been hanging out here lately. 

3 Looks and 6 Summer Trends for 2017

I love summer, summer fashion, summer accessories and pretty much anything that involves warm weather and style! Today I'm sharing a 3 different looks that each include 2 trends that I see being huge for Summer 2017!