Disney's Arisocats: Marie Look Book

I kind-of sort-of have an obsession with everything Disney and one of my favourite characters is Marie from the Aristocats! Today I am sharing 3 looks that incorporate Marie in some way. Let me know in the comments down below as to which outfit is your fave!

So Thankful

On Sunday I had a little get together with my Toronto friends to celebrate my 21st birthday! I was so happy to have everyone there and it really meant a lot to me to be able to hang out with everyone at once. I am so thankful for the amazing friends that have come into my life! They are some of the most inspirational, loving, hard working, and positive people I have ever met.

Oily Skin Control: Stay Matte this Summer

Having oily skin can be hard to control! Anyone else with the same struggle?! In today's post I'm sharing 4 products that help keep my makeup in place and stay matte throughout the day!

How to Style a Pink Mesh Dress: 3 Ways

Hello pink lovers!! Today I'm doing a styling post that features this neat pink mesh dress! This piece is so fun and different - a little weird - but it's great. I think that as long as you love it, then just wear it! See all 3 of my looks throughout this post. Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite!