Okay with Different

I've always appreciated different; different clothing, different music, different hobbies, trying new things... 

His and Her's Fall Style

I may not be super enthusiastic about summer ending and the days getting colder and shorter - but a new season does mean new clothes. Today, I put together a post all about his and her's fall style for 2017 and what I'm loving at the moment!

MAK Style Turns 2

MAK Style is officially 2 years old today! 

It's been quite the journey. I remember I started this blog right before I moved to Toronto for school. I always had a plan for this blog and how it would play a part in my education, career, and lifestyle. I think that I've been able to stick to this plan - and I'm so happy about that!

I have worked hard to build my brand, be consistent through hard times (and busy times!) and it definitely pays off. Blogging has been a great creative outlet for me, taught me so much about myself, and has lead me to some pretty great opportunities

I love how blogging incorporates all of the things that I love. This includes fashion, photography, writing, and planning.