Okay with Different

I've always appreciated different; different clothing, different music, different hobbies, trying new things... 

I think it's a good thing to be different. Own who you are - and know what you like. In today's world, I feel like it's so easy to be a copy of the next person. Sometimes inspiration goes a little too far, and nothing seems to be original anymore. I'd say it's great to not be like everyone else. Mainstream is so yesterday! Wear the pink, pair something together that you wouldn't usually, test out abstract lipstick colours, dye your hair, pull off a bold print. The combinations are endless. 

In today's look I am wearing my adorable pink sweater with a heart cut out, heart hoop earrings, and this popcorn novelty bag. I just love playing with fun pieces like these. I pulled this look together very quickly the other day before a shoot and I actually like the way it turned out. I'm vibin' with the "different look". And totally okay with it. 


Sweater // Zaful
Shorts // Forever 21
Sandals // Call it Spring
Sunnies // Urban Outfitters
Bag // Ali Express
Earrings // H&M

Thanks for reading today!

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