His and Her's Fall Style

I may not be super enthusiastic about summer ending and the days getting colder and shorter - but a new season does mean new clothes. Today, I put together a post all about his and her's fall style for 2017 and what I'm loving at the moment!


For men's fashion, I'm loving a few different things. I always think that a good pink cotton shirt is a good idea (because why not?) and this shade pairs perfectly with a pair of Bonobos khaki chinos. Add a brown belt and brown shoes to complete the look! On the more casual side, I'm obsessed with bomber jackets on just about anyone. Pair it with a cool pair of Ray Bans, and it's a great look for fall.


For women's fashion, I'm stepping back from my usual "dresses-for-every-season" craze, and going for some more relaxed pieces such as turtlenecks, distressed girlfriend jeans, and off the shoulder tops. I have also been into the athleisure trend! Oh and also - pairing something cool like these baby pink patent boots and heart hoop earrings will instantly make a look cooler. The black bag is a must as well - it literally goes with everything!

Thanks for reading today!

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