Insta-Worthy Spots in Toronto

Being a blogger, I am always on the hunt for new cute caf├ęs, coloured walls, and spots around that city that would make for a perfect Instagram photo. I've come across some pretty neat places that I am excited to share with you today! Grab your iPhone and get ready to snap some cute shots for your feed!

On-the-go Beauty

It's been a while since I did a product beauty post here on MAK Style! Today I'm covering a few different products that I love to keep with me in my purse, makeup bag, backpack, or even suitcase while traveling. This post is all about beauty on-the-go!


It's finally here! My Clueless look book is live and there are 3 complete looks inspired by the iconic 90's film and Cher Horowitz herself. Tell me which one is your favourite in the comments below!


I've been "Adulting"

I don't usually get too personal here on MAK Style - it's a fun creative outlet for me to write about and take pictures of things I love. I share the occasional life update from time to time, but I don't get too into it. Today though, I am talking all about "adulting" and how I've been working through everything ever since I graduated from my fashion marketing program. It's been a real adjustment ever since I moved to the city to live on my own, but now that I am no longer a student - things feel even more real! Below I talk about each thing I've been dealing with ever since school ended and some tips for other recent grads!

3 Casual Looks Perfect for the Weekend

On the weekend, you have freedom to wear whatever you'd like. You can be a little adventurous, or stay super comfy. Today I'm sharing 3 looks that I like to wear on the weekends when I stay super casual!