Shower Essentials

Shower essentials are a thing, right? Today I am sharing some products that I use on a daily basis in and after the shower! They are all pink (of course) and I am obsessed with each one. Keep reading!

1. Pink Sears Towel and Bath and Body Works Loofa

A bath towel and loofa are incredibly essential to a shower! I have here the perfect baby pink towel (it's so soft) and a fluffy white loofa. The towel was purchased from Sears, along with a hand towel and face cloth. The loofa is from Bath and Body Works

2. Philosophy Show Gel

This shower gel is any pink-obsessed girl's dream! This one is called Pink Marshmallow Buttercream, and I got it as a gift from my friend Blair. I love lathering up with this one because it smells so pretty and sweet. The bottle also shares a recipe for buttercream that I might have to try out someday.

3. EOS Shave Cream

EOS always has super yummy and moisturizing products. Their line consists of lip balm, hand cream, etc. When I found their shave cream as well. I knew I had to give it a try! I love the pink packaging (obviously) and the pomegranate raspberry scent is so fruity and delicious. This stuff works great and does it's job!

4. Tangle Teazer

Lastly, when I step out of the shower my hair always needs to be dried off and brushed out. I have pretty long, thick hair so it can get tangled easily and be very difficult to comb through. This hair brush (the Tangle Teaser) is a lifesaver! This is the only brush I ever reach for now and it does not pull or hurt - it combs through each tangle and leaves my hair smooth and knot-free. I am so happy with this brush and would recommend it 100%.

Thanks for reading today!


  1. I've been so curious about those brushes! Good to know they work great.
    Xo Jannine |

    1. They sure do!! I would highly recommend xo