#THEPINKLIFE in Toronto: My Fave Pink Places

Image via: Evolve Tours

I have lived in Toronto for almost two years now, and had the opportunity to explore the city a bit, try new places to eat, and locate some pretty cool walls for blog photos. As you already know, I am a huge fan of the colour pink and I love incorporating that into my work whenever I can. Today, I am sharing 7 of my favourite pink places around the city! Let me know if you have ever stumbled upon them, or which ones you would want to check out too xoxo

1. Crown Flora
1233 Queen St W

This place is the cutest little floral and succulent shop. The baby pink wall (formerly green) adds a nice touch to the branding story and is a must-stop for bloggers and avid Instagrammers in the city. 

2. Short and Sweet Bakery
2025 Yonge St

Short and Sweet is one of the most adorable bakeries I have ever visited! This pink neon sign is becoming famous on insta and don't forget to hold up your cupcake in front of it! The next time I visit Short and Sweet, I really want to try their huge milkshakes. 

3. Cam's Auto Shop
475 King St E

This place is one of the very FIRST pink places I found in Toronto when I moved here. I will forever love this hot pink auto shop and it's blogger-worthy wall. It is a little dirty and the paint may be chipping off (hello, photoshop) but it sure is worth stopping by for a photo or two.

4. Lawai'a Poké Bar
700 King St W

This place only recent opened up (about a month ago!) but it is slowly becoming one of my new faves. First of all, there is a pink neon sign that says "I'd rather be in Hawaii", the forks and chopsticks (packaging) is all pink, PLUS the food is amazing. Have you ever tried a poké bowl before? I would highly recommend it. 

5. Early Bird Espresso
613 Queen St W

Early Bird is not just any kind of coffee shop. It may be very small, but it has a really cool aesthetic both inside and outside! My favourite part is out the back door and up the stairs - there is a beautiful fuchsia pink wall on the patio with greenery that is perfect for snapping a cute outfit picture in front of. 

6. Oretta
633 King St W

Oretta has got to be the prettiest Italian restaurant I have ever been to! I am obsessed with these pink and gold artistic walls, marble tables, and blue seating. I'm sure any other lifestyle blogger in Toronto would agree with me. P.S. the margarita pizza is delicious!

7. June Callwood Park
636 Fleet St

This park is so cool and it had been on my "blogger bucket list" for the longest time. I only just recently paid a visit to the obligatory pink-grounded park. Stay tuned for a cool new look book post coming soon - shot at this park! In the meantime, check it out yourself and step up that artsy Instagram game. 

Thanks for reading today!


  1. love this post babe. You bring the pink to my lifeeeee <3

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