Insta-Worthy Spots in Toronto

Being a blogger, I am always on the hunt for new cute cafés, coloured walls, and spots around that city that would make for a perfect Instagram photo. I've come across some pretty neat places that I am excited to share with you today! Grab your iPhone and get ready to snap some cute shots for your feed!

1. Calii Love
367 King St W

This place has the best smoothie bowls! If you ever go here, make sure to have cute props in your bag such as sunnies, wallet, etc and it will definitely take your acai and latte photo to the next level! I went here with my friend Neguine for the first time and we were obsessed with this place.

2. White and Blue Houses
Adelaide and Bathurst

These houses are blue and WHITE - not pink! I have seen these exact houses in a photo before on Instagram - and the one white house was PINK! When I found the location, I realized that the pink never existed. Disappointing, but still super cute for what it is!

3. Short and Sweet
2025 Yonge St

I know I have already talked about Short and Sweet on the blog before - and I am always posting Instagram photos here - but COME ON. It is adorable!! Their cupcakes and milkshakes are such a sugar rush, but so so so delicious. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know how obsessed I am with pink neon lights (or anything pink in general, haha)

4. Dark Horse Espresso
416 Front St E

This place is so spacious and pretty! A great spot to get light, airy and bright photos. The pink strawberry macaron cookies are super yummy here as well! A must-try if you love coconut.

5. Bake Shoppe
859 College St

Have I mentioned I have a thing for pink neon signs? Bake Shoppe is yet another one of my favourite bakeries to stop into! I just discovered this one last week with Adrienne and we fell in love.

6. Planta
1221 Bay St

I have NOT been to this one yet - but the photos on Instagram look adorable!! Here is a shot of my friend Carolina being a cutie in their swinging chair against the leaf-print wall.

7. Flamingo Wall
College and Concord Ave

UM - how pretty is this flamingo wall?! It's pink and perfect for photo-taking. It's located in College-Ossington area and there is a slight chance a car might be parked in front of it, but it's worth a shot to check it out!

Thanks for reading today


  1. Love this flamingo wall

  2. Thanks for the Toronto recommendations. It's definitely on my travel list for next year!

  3. This was helpful! I'm always looking for places around T.O as I just started my blog! Thanks for sharing :)