The New Norm

I am officially back in the city and it feels good! I moved back to Toronto on Saturday to start adjusting to being on my own again. I will continue to work from home here until I need to go back into the office for my job.

Sugar Coated Re-Launch: My High School Jewelry Biz Is Back

I used to have my own handmade jewelry business in high school called Sugar Coated. It was always fun making sugar-inspired accessories with lots of sparkly resin and dainty chains. 

DIY At-Home Photo Ideas

We are still in full-on quarantine, and although shooting content has been different lately (no street style shoots around the city anymore!) it has been interesting to find new creative ways to style and execute pink insta-worthy pics for my feeds.

How I've Been Dealing With Quarantine

It may be an unpopular statement, but staying home lately has improved my mental health tremendously. 

What This Platform Means To Me

I’ve always been a content creator. Since a pretty young age, I loved spending time on computer programs to create weekly newsletters for my family, writing crazy stories or taking endless photos of my cats.

Content Creation + What Equipment I Use

I don't usually talk about my content creation process or equipment that much, but I wanted to share this post today to share how easy it is for you to take photos, film and edit videos and make good quality content with little to no equipment

Instagramable Miami: Pink Places in Florida Part 2

Every time I travel, I am always on the hunt for pink places! This time I explored some different parts of Florida and came across some photo-worthy locations that you will definitely want to check out and take a snap at. 

Vibe Check

I’ve always wanted to try the heel with track pants trend - so here it is! I did this look inspired by one of my fave fashion girls on Instagram - Emma Leger