Celebrate Success

I believe in dreaming big. I always knew I wanted to work in a creative field, live in a big city and make my Pinterest boards come to life. Living with anxiety, I would constantly doubt myself and allow fear to hold me back on many occasions; but as soon as I started saying “yes” and figuring things out as I went along; these risks have paid off with some of the greatest rewards. 

I moved into my very own apartment in Toronto when I was 19 years old. I was terrified. The thought of navigating a city I didn’t know and even taking the subway totally freaked me out. But I’ve come so far! 

It’s a good thing to celebrate your victories - big and small. Today I wanted to reflect on all the opportunities and successes that I’m so very grateful for and how they have pushed me to keep wanting more for myself! 

1. Blogging since 2013

I started my blog as merely a hobby because I loved how it combined everything I love; fashion, photography and writing! Shoutout to Elle at Kittens Den (my OG blogging mentor) for inspiring me to start out. Read more about how I got into blogging here. 

2. Featured by Refinery29, Pop Sugar and Toronto Film School

I had to pinch myself when I saw these features for the first time. So honoured and proud to be mentioned by such amazing platforms and recognized for my style, creativity and hard work. Thank you again! You can see all of my features from over the years here. 

3. Had my own jewelry business in high school

This was such a fun side biz that I managed in high school. Sugar Coated was my little baby and I had fun showing up and selling my handmade jewelry pieces at local trade shows, boutiques and on my Facebook page. 

4. Moved to Toronto by myself / got my own apartment 

This was such a milestone for me. I loved decorating my place, meeting new friends in the city and truly living out my fashion school dreams by living in a big city and studying something I am super passionate about. I am so lucky to still love in the same apartment still and also work in my field of study! Living on my own has taught me so many lessons in independence, problem solving and adulthood. 

5. Interned for Preloved Clothing and one of my favourite bloggers, Random Acts of Pastel

I’m so thankful for my internships as they offered me so much insight for the industry I wanted to get into. I was working on spreadsheets and data collection, shipping packages, internal communications, photo styling, caption writing for social media, video editing and more! I learned some hard lessons about myself through these experiences as well; and it ultimately showed me what I needed to work on to succeed in the future. Each placement gave me great feedback that I took with me into future experiences.

6. Landed my first full-time job before my fashion school graduation 

I was shocked when I got an offer for the very first “real” full time job I interviewed for. I had a start date set up before my fashion school graduation and that was a HUGE accomplishment for me. In this new role, I felt the “real job" thing set in and I truly learned how I needed to shape up to be the type of employee and manager I am today. This role lead me to where I am today, and I am so very thankful for the path it lead me down!

7. Wrote my own rap song and got it produced 

So funny but true! I wrote a rap and worked with a producer to make it into a real song. You can listen to “The Pink Effect” on all streaming platforms. 

8. Worked with many brands and continue to build my network 

I love keeping up with my blog. I don’t make a huge amount of money with this side hustle right now, but I do it because I truly love it. Dressing up, shooting, creating content and planing things for The Pink Life just makes me so happy. I am always learning; photoshop skills, video editing, algorithms, trends, etc. and I absolutely love how this platform has allowed me to have many forms of self expression and lead me to meet other bloggers (some of my good friends!) and other individuals in the industry. 

What are some of your biggest accomplishments? Let me know on the comments! 

Thanks for reading today. 

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