TRESemmé Reverse Wash System

I was asked by TRESemmé to try this new reverse wash system shampoo + conditioner, along with a polishing complex serum. To read my thoughts on all three items... keep reading!

Reverse Wash System: Shampoo + Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner in the reverse wash system was made to help hair feel less weighted down, and more airy / bouncy and full of volume! The whole idea of it is to put in the conditioner as step 1, and then wash away everything with the shampoo, as step 2. I was skeptical of this backwards routine - since I always stick to my normal routine of shampoo, THEN conditioner.

I decided to give it a try - and was so glad that I did!

Ever since I have moved to the city, my hair never feels clean and it always has some kind of weight to it, no matter how hard I scrub in the shower. I guess I am too used to having great water back in my hometown!

Anyways, after using the reverse wash system by TRESemmé, I have to say that my hair game has definitely changed. My hair feels soft again, and very silky, light, and easy to style. 

Volume Serum

This treatment is for those days or nights you want to add a little extra volume to your hair. I can't wait until my hair gets really long again so I can play around with this stuff while I'm styling it.

It only takes a little bit to run through your damp hair - root to tip - and gives you that extra bouncy volume-ized look.

Be careful and only us a little amount. I make the mistake of adding too much one day, and it gave my hair a bit of a greasy feeling!

Olivia made appearance yet again, to let you know that she approves as well!

I would suggest this wash and styling product line to anyone who needs a little volume in their hair, or to wash away any weight that your conditioner may be building up. 

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Bioré Baking Soda

Baking soda can be useful in so many ways when it comes to your hair, nails, teeth, etc. It even is helpful for your skin. Take this new line of Bioré pore cleansing products for example. Baking soda is used as an ingredient in these two products that gently cleanse and exfoliate for clearer, cleaner feeling skin. 

I was excited to try these products out because my pores are always feeling clogged because of my naturally oily skin. To read my thoughts on these two cleansers, keep reading below!

Baking Soda Pore Cleanser: 

This cleanser (photographed above) is your typical gel-like exfoliating face wash. It does have the magical ingredient of baking soda, though! Just simply wet your face, pump a small amount into your hand, gently rub onto your skin in circular motions, and then rinse it off. 

I felt my skin to be feeling very clean after using this and it did not cause any breakouts. In fact, in seemed to have cleared my pores a bit, and I loved that!

Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub:

This is my favourite product out of the two. It is a formulated powder that activates into a foamy scrub when wet. 

The packaging is also a cool concept. It has a button on the top that you press down on to flip open the lid. Then, you just poor out the amount of powder you need to scrub your pores. It suggesters about a quarter-sized portion. Then, add some water! The more water you add, the more diluted it becomes. I like to keep mine a little more thick, because then you really feel it getting into your pores!

I felt and saw results with this product! After you use this scrub and rinse your face off, your pores feel that super clean and tingly feeling. It feels so refreshing and "frees your pores"! 

I would suggest this to anyone with combination to oily skin, or anyone who feels their pores need a little "de-clogging"!

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I am in love with this Disney "Bambi" sweatshirt that I found at Forever 21. I will forever be in love with anything Disney! 

I tried to turn this outfit into more of a casual / street style look by adding some loose-fitted ripped up befriend jeans, black bootie heels, a dark red lip, and big bug-eyed sunglasses. 

I am also happy to say that my hair is finally getting long enough to start doing things to it again! Hence the two french braids on either side. I was inspired by Kylie Jenner and other hairstyles like this that I've seen on Pinterest! 


Sweater // Forever 21
Denim // Forever 21
Booties // H&M
Sunglasses // Calico
Lipstick Shade // Copenhagen by NYX Cosmetics

Photos by Blair Stutz

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Pantone Rose Quartz + Serenity Dream Kitchen

I am still living in my little apartment in Toronto - but a girl can dream, right? When I get my own full-sized kitchen, this is what I would want it to include! Featuring this adorable Pink Lemonade retro stove from Big Chill. The colour scheme I chose is super pastel, and inspired by Pantone's colours of the year - Rose Quartz and Serenity.

I have included items such as this adorable pink Big Chill stove , polka dotted oven wear, a baby blue  kettle, a pale pink mixer, gold and white dishes, gold silverware, and sparkling (literally) champagne glasses. I also added in some pretty little decor items like white peonies and a candy jar. You also can't forget about the Disney inspired mug and kitten face bowl!

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How To: Soft Skin in Winter with Bioderma

It's been so cold lately! In the continuation of winter, I have decided to write another helpful post on how to have soft skin in winter. If you missed my 'How to have Soft lips in Winter" read that here. 

Bioderma sent me these three products - and they are the definition of skin survival in cold weather!

Atoderm PP Balm:

The first step to having soft, hydrated skin for me in winter is to have a great body lotion or cream. 

This stuff is amazing because it soothes irritation and itching - caused by dry skin. It also has long lasting benefits that repair your skins barrier and preserves your skin's biological balance. 

I apply this balm all over my hands, arms, legs, back, and feet - either right after my nightly shower, or before I get into bed. Those are my driest areas! I get a lot of tightness / discomfort especially on my lower back from dry skin. This stuff soothes, it and definitely does the trick! 

The balm does have a bit of a greasy feel on my hands, but it eventually does absorb into my skin, and I don't even notice it! 

Price: $29.95
Available in Drug Stores

Atoderm Shower Gel:

My favourite part of my soft skin routine is lathering up with this Bioderma shower gel! It's super nourishing and very gentle on your skin. I like to lather it up with my hands in the shower and use it directly over dry areas of my body. It leaves my skin super soft afterwards!

Price: $19.95
Available in Drug Stores

Atoderm Lips:

This natural raspberry flavoured lip balm is my new fav! I can't get enough of the amazing soft texture of it and the ability it has to repair my lips. My lips get super chapped in the winter weather, and especially with wearing super matte lipstick all the time. This stuff is a lifesaver! 

If you want to know more about hydrating your lips this winter, read my other post here. 

Price: $6.95
Available in Drug Stores

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Nail Kandy on Queen West

I recently popped into Nail Kandy at 232 Queen West in Toronto for an appointment with nail artist, Kate Bland. Everything from the cute little salon space, to the service and the quality of nail painting was so great!

Kate Bland is a nail artist specializing in nail art and hand filed extensions. She is professionally certified in Gel Nails (extensions and gel polish), the IBX nail repair treatment, and CND Shellac. Kate has also won many awards over the years, for her talented work in competitions. (See above). 

Take a look at her amazing Valentine's dessert-inspired nails. She did them herself and they are oh-so-cute and almost good enough to eat!

Kate has also been featured in magazine publications such as "People Style Watch" and "Nail It". 

On top of being a creative nail artist and technician, savvy business woman and being featured in magazines... Kate also has her very own nail polish line! She mixed them all on her own, and they come in beautiful shades and bright sparkly glitters. Get your next nail job done with them by booking your appointment here

Here is the list of all the services available at Nail Kandy! (Above). Kate offers everything from manicures to nail art, shellac, and others such as IBX Treatment for nail strengthening. 

Here are some photos of the nail art that Kate did for me. We went for a cute pantone colour-of-the-year inspired design. She incorporated the pale pink colour, Rose Quartz, and the pale blue colour, Serenity. She also even (hand-painted) an adorable pink kitten on my accent nail! Oh - and don't forget about the glitter on the pointer finger. 

See all photos below. 

Even Olivia approves!

To book your appointment with Kate, go to or send her an email at

Also, follow along with all the happenings at Nail Kandy by following them on Instagram or Twitter or by liking the Facebook page

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Valentine's Look

Today I am sharing this Valentine's Day inspired look!

I absolutely adore this little pink dress that I got from the cutest store ever - called Honey. It has a great flattering shape to it and is in my favourite colour - pale pink! I thought this would be perfect to style for Valentine's Day, so I threw on a leopard printed blazer, some black pointed toe flats and a buttery red lip to go with it. If you would like to find out more about Honey - follow them on Instagram or check out their website! Their page is lovely and they actually just recently reposted one of my photos. See that post here.


Dress // Honey
Shoes // ZARA
Lipstick Shade // Heat Wave by NYX
Blazer // Sugar Lips
Necklace // Faun Boutique

Photos by Blair Stutz

Thanks for reading today, and let me know what you are planning on wearing this Valentine's Day below in the comment section!