How To: Soft Skin in Winter with Bioderma

It's been so cold lately! In the continuation of winter, I have decided to write another helpful post on how to have soft skin in winter. If you missed my 'How to have Soft lips in Winter" read that here. 

Bioderma sent me these three products - and they are the definition of skin survival in cold weather!

Atoderm PP Balm:

The first step to having soft, hydrated skin for me in winter is to have a great body lotion or cream. 

This stuff is amazing because it soothes irritation and itching - caused by dry skin. It also has long lasting benefits that repair your skins barrier and preserves your skin's biological balance. 

I apply this balm all over my hands, arms, legs, back, and feet - either right after my nightly shower, or before I get into bed. Those are my driest areas! I get a lot of tightness / discomfort especially on my lower back from dry skin. This stuff soothes, it and definitely does the trick! 

The balm does have a bit of a greasy feel on my hands, but it eventually does absorb into my skin, and I don't even notice it! 

Price: $29.95
Available in Drug Stores

Atoderm Shower Gel:

My favourite part of my soft skin routine is lathering up with this Bioderma shower gel! It's super nourishing and very gentle on your skin. I like to lather it up with my hands in the shower and use it directly over dry areas of my body. It leaves my skin super soft afterwards!

Price: $19.95
Available in Drug Stores

Atoderm Lips:

This natural raspberry flavoured lip balm is my new fav! I can't get enough of the amazing soft texture of it and the ability it has to repair my lips. My lips get super chapped in the winter weather, and especially with wearing super matte lipstick all the time. This stuff is a lifesaver! 

If you want to know more about hydrating your lips this winter, read my other post here. 

Price: $6.95
Available in Drug Stores

Thanks for reading today!

                                                           This post was sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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