The New Norm

I am officially back in the city and it feels good! I moved back to Toronto on Saturday to start adjusting to being on my own again. I will continue to work from home here until I need to go back into the office for my job.

It's a weird time for sure. I spent the last three months living back at my parents' house in my hometown (Cobourg), and I can't say I ever thought I would live there again. 

It was nice to be with family and not be so alone. I also felt a lot safer being in a small town versus in Toronto, where it's more of a high risk zone. 

Since being on my own again, I have stocked up on 2+ weeks of groceries, tidied my place up and already starting shooting some more new home content over the weekend.

I have yet to go out of my apartment since I got here and I will eventually get out when or if I need to. I'm playing it safe for now. If I choose to go out, I will definitely be wearing a mask, washing my hands before leaving and when I return as well as keeping hand sanitizer in my purse and practicing social distancing (staying apart from other people as much as possible). I have no plans to meet up with friends yet, but I hope it's safe to do so soon! FaceTime calls will have to do for now. (:

I will spend some weekends driving to Cobourg to be with family this summer and that will be most of my socialization. It's always nice to have a change of pace when I get back to my hometown!

How are you staying safe in this new normalcy? 

Thanks for reading today!

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