Sugar Coated Re-Launch: My High School Jewelry Biz Is Back

I used to have my own handmade jewelry business in high school called Sugar Coated. It was always fun making sugar-inspired accessories with lots of sparkly resin and dainty chains. 

I loved creating collections and showcasing them in local boutiques; shooting social media images to sell pieces on Instagram and Facebook and also getting to meet all of my sugar lovers at local trade shows and events that I participated in. It was such a cool experience when I was younger and it is an accomplishment I’ve been proud of.

During this pandemic, I’ve been feeling very creative on the weekends and also looking for things to do to curb my need of productivity. After coming back to my hometown to quarantine with family, I suddenly had a bunch of time to explore my old bedroom (and also clean it up!). It was during that much needed clean up that I found all of my old jewelry making supplies and even some leftover inventory from Sugar Coated days.

Newspaper article featuring Sugar Coated, June 2015

Charity Event at Victoria Park, Fall 2014

Small Business Trade Show at Northumberland Mall in Cobourg, 2015

I decided that I had enough pieces and supplies to do something with it. I felt a huge urge to photograph it all and attempt at re-launching the business to sell on Instagram. So I sat down and brainstormed a new logo, set up all the shots, got the social media pages running again and made the announcement this past Saturday (June 13th) that Sugar Coated is now available again

Here's the new logo! 

You can now shop all of my inventory on the Sugar Coated Instagram page! If you have any questions or would like to purchase, please send me a direct message on Instagram.

Thanks for reading today!

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