I Got The Pink Hair Of My Dreams At Chroma Hair.Shop in Toronto

It was time to take my brand and love for pink one step further… I got pink hair!

I teamed up with Giada and Jenna from Chroma Hair.Shop to achieve the pink hair of my dreams - and they did an incredible job!

Chroma Hair.Shop is a boutique salon that offers curated items from select local Canadian artists and small businesses such as Duplantis Hair and Julie Seddon paintings. They have an assortment of paintings and adorable hair accessories available for purchase in addition to the services and hair care lines (Authentic Beauty Concept, R+CO) they offer in the salon. I love their shop local aspect and the space itself is absolutely beautiful. 

Giada is the owner of Chroma and she was such a pleasure to work with. I asked her some questions about her hair styling journey and you can read her Q&A below.

Q&A with Giada

M: How did you get into hair styling?

G: I've always loved being creative, working with my hands and building a special relation with people and hairstyling kind of ties all of it together.

M: What made you want to start Chroma and how did it come to be?

G: After working many years in the field and side by side with amazing colourists and stylists in the city, the idea of owing my own shop and creating my own environment slowly started taking shape. Chroma Hair.Shop came from the idea of creating a space and an environment where clients and stylist can feel comfortable and safe, judgment and drama free. Chroma gives more of a personal and sustainable experience in hair care. We strive to bring your inner beauty out one hair appointment at the time! We are mindful on what products we use and carry; natural non toxic ingredients and environmentally safe are always our go-to.

M: What are the most valuable things you’ve learned in your career as a hair stylist and salon owner so far?

G: Good question, I don't get asked that very often. Caring and having the ability to understand and share feelings is the base of being behind the chair, creating new shapes or colours, making a difference in someone's day is what sets you apart from "just doing hair”. At the end of the day, we all go through things and get affected by them differently, empathy always wins.

M: What piece of advice would you give to someone who also wanted to pursue hair styling?

G: Passion is key. Loving what you do definitely is the base of becoming a good hair stylist. Never stop learning and trying new techniques. One advice: take care of your people, from clients to staff, it's love all around even when skies are grey.

Jenna works at Chroma and is their Fun Colour Specialist - hence why she got involved with my whole pink hair process! She is an expert when it comes to bright coloured hair and I asked Jenna a few questions about her fun hair colouring experiences and her work at Chroma. 

Q&A with Jenna

M: How did you get into hair styling?

J: I started in high school! I was always doing my friends hair and my mom's hair. I did a co-op program at a hair salon and then was hired to work, after that I attended the Aveda Institute and Academy for color.

M: What is your favourite / most memorable hair that you’ve worked on before?

J: I always love doing my roommate, Shelby’s hair. She let's me do whatever I want, I’m really into split hair so we always have a few bright colors going on. 

M: What piece of advice would you give to someone who also wanted to pursue hair styling?

J: You really have to love what you do and love meeting new people. I look at what I do as like a personal energy exchange and you have to really love hair and connect with your clients to get a good feel of what they are looking to do. 

M: What is your favourite thing about working at Chroma Hair Shop?

J: My fave things about Chroma is the environment and team. I am really lucky to have found this team and we have a great time together. The energy in the salon is always fun and a good time. 

I had my appointment on Sunday October 25th to get my pink hair. It took approximately 5 hours to complete. To see the full process and each step we took to achieve the pink, watch my YouTube video below:

This is before and after! It was such a dramatic change and I’m so in love with it. 

I wanted to get the most pink as possible in my hair and we decided to keep my dark root all natural, and then blend it out with the pink. 

We went for a super bright pink so that the colour will last longer. Over time, the colour will fade to a pale pink. Chroma also gave me a custom pink conditioner to maintain the pink for as long as possible. 

Chroma currently has new treatments available from Authentic Beauty Concept and they used these products on my hair during my appointment. I noticed the gorgeous pastel packaging on the salon shelves right away and fell in love! Aside from the stunning packaging design, the performance of the products felt great too!

Even after lightening and colouring the majority of my hair, it still feels practically the same as before. It feels healthy, looks shiny and has a really nice texture to it. It feels so fresh and brand new!

If you want to get a fun colour and looking for a reliable, friendly and amazing place to go, I would highly recommend Chroma Hair.Shop. They are located in Toronto, Ontario at 119 Roncesvalles Ave.


Haircuts, blow dry and up-do styles and treatments can be booked online as well as over the phone or email. Colour appointments require a virtual or in-person consultation and the appointment can be made after that. 

Be sure to follow Chroma on Instagram! If you have any questions about my pink hair, I’d be happy to answer any of your questions. You can always DM me on Instagram. If you want more info from the hair experts at Chroma, be sure to contact them by phone of via email.

Thanks for reading today! 

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