iPad Air 4 (Rose Gold) Review From a Fashion Blogger

Since I’ve been staying home a lot this year due to COVID, I’ve managed to save a lot of money (no restaurants, outings, shopping sprees, etc). So I decided to spend some of that money on an iPad. 

 I wanted to write this review because when I was choosing which iPad to get, I kept going back and forth on which model to choose. iPad Pro? iPad Air? Which generation? How much storage do I need? What drawing app is good? 

As a non-tech person, I relied on watching reviews and asking my brother (who is a technologist) to help me out with determining the best fit for what I wanted. I knew that I was interested in using it for creation; digital drawing, editing photos and helping to stay organized with my blog. I wanted to get an iPad as a device I could work on, but mostly just to have fun with. 

I ended up choosing the iPad Air 4 (Rose Gold), but this is how I came to that conclusion:

At first I was debating whether or not to get the iPad Pro. I had an iPad 2 back in 2011 and it had that white trim around it (is that what it’s called?). I like the white aesthetic so I wasn’t a huge fan of getting an iPad Pro with black around it / black screen. But I was told by my brother that the white trim was ugly and they make it black for a reason. If I got the iPad Air with white trim, I knew I would be stuck with Apple Pencil generation 1 and that thing charges by sticking out the bottom, so I wasn’t a fan of that option. I love aesthetics, but functionality counts too. 

My brother told me that they were going to announce a new iPad Air in October so before I bought the pro, I decided to wait and see what the new iPad Air was all about. I knew it would probably be less expensive than the Pro, but have the newest technology since it’s a new release. It was worth the wait, because I ended up leaning towards the iPad Air! It’s the 4th generation, compatible with Apple Pencil 2 and it’s also rose gold, so it fits my pink aesthetic perfectly. 

After it was announced I had to wait for it to be available for pre-order. It was finally available in mid-October, so I ordered it and received it in early November. I also purchased the Apple Pencil 2.  I got my custom pink pencil wrap from Slick Wraps

I had done some research on drawing apps and decided to go ahead with Procreate. It seemed to be the most popular app and it looked easy enough to use. 

I’ve been using my iPad for almost a month now, and I’m in love with it! I use it to draw, edit photos, create mood boards, watch Disney+ and I also love using Pinterest on it since the screen is nice and big and the photos display beautifully. Having this iPad has reminded me of why I loved having my old iPad 2 back in high school so much.

I draw on it almost everyday and it’s been a really good creative outlet for me. I mostly draw outfits, Disney characters and cats! It’s been fun to learn how to use the different tools on the app and YouTube tutorials have been very helpful. 

My iPad Air does not replace my MacBook, but it’s a great device to handle other creative pieces of my work. I like to sit on the couch and edit photos on my iPad instead of my computer now. My computer feels so heavy and bulky and the iPad is a nice and light tool to get the job done! I cannot plug my external hard drive or SD cards into my iPad so I still access those through my computer and then airdrop files to my iPad. 

I store and constantly create A LOT of photo and video content, so I knew I needed to have a decent amount of storage. I pay for iCloud and I have 256 GB on my iPad.  

This iPad was totally worth the buy for me and I’m so happy I picked this one. It works really well and I have no complaints! 

If you have any questions about my iPad, let’s chat! Leave a comment or send me a DM on IG. 

Thanks for reading today!

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  1. I have noticed that girls likes this color so much. The Rose gold iPad looks so beautiful honestly. I bought one for my daughter.