Head To Toe Pink

 I’ve had pink hair for a few weeks now and it's taken a little getting used to. Especially when I looked at myself in the mirror! I love the pink hair and have been keeping up the colour with my custom pink conditioner from Chroma Hair.Shop.

I wanted to share this look and a little life update on the blog today since it’s been a while and I don’t usually update my blog that often anymore. Ontario has had many new COVID cases again and since I’m on my own in a big city and it’s a high risk area, I decided to temporarily move back with my parents again to avoid being lonely and feel a little safer in my hometown. 

As the weather gets colder and days get darker, I’ve been feeling pretty down again lately. The pink hair has been a nice pick-me-up and I’m really glad to get more time with my family here in Cobourg. It’s easy to get stuck in your head when you’re alone, so the socialization and fresh air in my hometown has been really helpful.

Despite getting a new iPad recently, I've been trying to cut down on screen time, specifically using social media like Instagram. I seem to be on Instagram way too often and it's been a distraction from my priorities in life. I decided to make a conscious choice to use it less, post less and spread out my content schedule and not pressure myself to create content so often for now. I want to focus on myself and family over the next couple of months and hoping some good can come from that. Sometimes you just need a break and it's good to have a device detox every once in a while. 

I styled this look with my pink hair and met up with my friend Dorene (who is an amazing photographer) to take some street style shots before I left Toronto. It had been a while since I shot my outfits downtown but it was so much fun styling and shooting with my new pink hair. I did a pink look head to toe, as it seemed most appropriate. It is The Pink Life after all, and this colour ultimately makes me feel happier, brighter and more optimistic. I’ve always loved using style and pink as a form of self expression! 

What have you been looking forward to lately? Leave some positivity in the comments!

Thanks for reading today.

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