The Secret Is Out! I Started a Podcast with my Best Friend

 It’s been a minute since I wrote a blog post again and I know I’ve been posting less frequently on here but my main focus has shifted to Instagram and another new side project... today my best friend Neg and I launch our podcast! 

The podcast is called Call Us MikNeg. When coming up with the name, I wrote down a few ideas and this was one of the first I typed. We’ve always nicknamed each other Mik and Neg, and we would often refer to our friendship as all one word “MikNeg". So, naturally, with me in Canada and Neguine in Spain, we decided that our podcast would be based around our calls and as if our listeners could feel like they were friends with us through these chats. That is exactly what “Call Us MikNeg” is all about. 

We created this podcast in quarantine because we were having lots of discussions around loneliness, feeling stuck sometimes and the thought "would what we do if we didn’t have each other as friends". Neg and I have always joked about the idea of working on something together, but never formulated what it would be exactly, let alone how we would execute it. But here we were, two best friends on 5+ hour FaceTime calls at least one night a week.

The podcast episodes OFFICIALLY launched today! You can find us on IG here, listen to our episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or watch full episodes and highlight clips on YouTube. 

If you get a chance to listen to our first episodes, please let us know what you think! Our dm’s are always open and you can reach us anytime. 

Neg also wrote a blog post about how this podcast came to be and her storytelling capabilities are always on point. You can read her post here.

Thanks for reading today, 

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