What This Platform Means To Me

I’ve always been a content creator. Since a pretty young age, I loved spending time on computer programs to create weekly newsletters for my family, writing crazy stories or taking endless photos of my cats.

I found my love for social media, specifically Instagram, during high school and it helped me discover more about the fashion and beauty industry. I would take photos of my outfits and products all the time and loved posting them on Instagram and Tumblr in 2013. 

My blog started after being encouraged by a fellow fashionista and one of my greatest mentors, and I fell in love with the hobby of blogging. It combined my interest so perfectly; writing, photography and fashion. 

I think back to these young days and it reminds me of why I started this platform and the message I want to continue to carry out. Especially during these unprecedented times when our regular content creation might be on pause for a while, it takes me back to when I first started out. Right now has been a time that I’ve honestly been really grateful for (not only to recognize my health, safety, privileges, etc) but a time where I have time to get more creative. Whether that’s how I shoot, how I can bring more pink and positivity to my follower’s feeds, or rethinking what kind of message I want my content to spread. 

It brings me back to my pink life mission statement. What does this mean to me? Am I being my true and authentic self? I created this platform as a form of self expression, to share my journey and to connect with others who have similar interests. My community means a lot to me and I love being able to connect with others through blogging. I want to encourage dreams, kindness, and self growth.

I’ve really enjoyed creating content from home. It’s not my regular street style or pink places shoots, but it sure has been fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far! 

Hope you are staying safe and healthy. Thanks for reading today!

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