Content Creation + What Equipment I Use

I don't usually talk about my content creation process or equipment that much, but I wanted to share this post today to share how easy it is for you to take photos, film and edit videos and make good quality content with little to no equipment

I hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful if you are in the market for some easy-to-use products for content creation. My main focus for content right now would be Instagram, Tik Tok, my blog and YouTube. I love having high quality images and videos to share on these platforms. 

Here is a rough idea of what my posting schedule looks like:

Instagram: 1-3 posts a day + IG stories
Tik Tok: 1-2 videos a day
Blog: 1-3 posts a month
YouTube: 1-2 videos a month

The first thing I'll talk about is my Camera. I use a Canon T4i. It is not a new or fancy camera by any means, but it gets the job done perfectly! I talk about this camera more in my video linked below.

When creating content by yourself, it's always handy to have a Tripod. Watch my video below to see mine in action!

For Instagram and Tik Tok, I have absolutely loved using my iPhone Tripod Adaptor w/ Remote
Ring Light. This has been a life-changing device and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to concentrate on doing photo/video on their phones. 

I usually edit my YouTube videos using iMovie and here is a quick overview video of How I Edit My Instagram Photos.

Watch my video below to see more insight on my equipment for content creation:

Thanks for reading today!

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