*Just Like Magic* Visualization and Manifestation for 2021

2020 has been a challenging year to say the very least. The last half of this year has me feeling very stuck unmotivated. I feel like these feelings really hit me in September and I usually struggle with my mental health more so in the winter anyways. 

This year may have been difficult in many ways, but it taught me a lot - and although it may be tough to stay motivated and optimistic, I know that one thing is for sure: things always change.

This pandemic will not last forever. I will not be stuck in Cobourg forever. It will not be winter forever. 

I will be able to safely return to my apartment in Toronto again. I will get to see my friends again. I will be reunited with my best friend who has been stuck in Spain for over a year. I will move onto new opportunities and meet more optimistic and supportive people in my life. I can’t allow my physical/tangible reality to dull my sparkle.

Today I wanted to share my thoughts and hopes for 2021! I created a vision board for this new year and it truly reflects everything I have been craving lately.

Do you believe in visualization and manifestation? 

On my vision board, I've included the following categories:

1. Music

I love music so much. It’s a part of my day that I always look forward to. I love curating my playlists with my favourite artists like Ariana, Shaboozey, Mac Miller, Jhen√© Aiko, Taylor Swift and Tink. I have different playlists for different moods and I love working while listening.

2. Toronto 

I miss Toronto so much. I can’t wait to get back to my downtown apartment in 2021 and have my own space once it’s safer again. I love my family and my hometown, but it’s been difficult feeling like I don’t have my own life anymore. 

3. Art

I discovered a new favourite hobby in 2020 - digital drawing on my iPad. It made me fall in love with art and illustration all over again. In high school, I loved to paint and draw a lot but I find that it’s difficult to do a lot of art nowadays since my apartment is very small and painting can be very messy. Procreate on my iPad has allowed me to easily create things totally mess-free and this has been a great creative outlet for me in quarantine. I’ve included some of my digital drawings below.

4. Cooking and Baking

I can’t say I love cooking or baking that much but I do see the importance of knowing how to do it and I want to be able to make things for people. While staying in Cobourg, I have made dinner every week and testing out new recipes in the kitchen. I also did a bit of baking and I want to continue to look up new recipes and learn as much as I can. So far my favourite dishes have been Mexican Crunch Wraps, Pulled BBQ Chicken and Bruschetta Pasta. I have linked all the recipes if you are curious!

5. Relationships/Connection

I want to create more meaningful and valuable relationships next year. I want to continue to surround myself with positive and supportive people. Relationships are very important to me - with my family, my friends and even networking in my professional life. 

6. Travel 

It’s not like I did a bunch of travel before COVID, but I do miss the opportunity to travel! Every year, I usually go to see my Grandma in Florida. I think I will end up missing out on that this time, since I usually go in February or March, but I hope that by September, or later In 2021, we can have the chance to travel again. I would love to visit Montreal, plan a girls trip to NYC and of course, see Grandma in Florida.

7. Brand Partnerships 

I’ve had the pleasure to work with many brands on my blog/IG, and I absolutely love being part of their communities of influencers! I hope to continue working with some of my favourites: Three Ships Beauty and Evio, and stay open to the possibility of new partnerships as well.

8. Saving for a Condo

I manage my own TFSA account with the help of my financial planner, and one of my goals is to save up for my own condo. I have been working on this for a few years now, and I hope to make more headway with this plan in 2021.

9. Pink Bible

I found a pink bible (just like this one) at a thrift store this past summer and I bought it. I want to continue to grow in my faith and learn more about the religion I was raised in.

10. Our Podcast

My best friend and I launched a podcast in October 2020 and we’ve been posting a new episode every Thursday since then! I hope to continue working with her on this project and see where it takes us - we’ve got some goals in mind!

11. Mental Health / Meditation and Mindfulness 

The last half of 2020 really caught up to me - mentally and emotionally. I’ve been struggling with my mental health lately, and I want to continue to learn new ways to cope and work on my automatic negative thoughts. I hope to spend more time practicing meditation and mindfulness. I also want to push my comfort zone a bit more and push past a lot of anxiety I’ve been feeling lately.

What are your goals and desires for 2021?

Thanks for reading today!

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