25 Things Before 25 + Birthday Cake Reveal

It’s my birthday today and I’m officially 24 years old! I can’t wait to dress up, eat cake & hangout with my family today.

Since I’ll be in my 25th year now, I wanted to create a fun little list of 25 things to do before I turn 25 next year. So here it is!

1. Read more often (I’ll try to set a goal of 25 books this year, if not, hopefully more!) 

2. Paint (I have 4 blank canvases and I want to finish paintings on them this year!)

3. Make more music (I write stuff down all the time, but haven’t made much of it yet. Would be so cool to get back in the studio again)

4. Do more physical activities (besides my home workouts, I’d love to continue to learn how to play tennis and go for more walks / spend time outside)

5. Make a movie bucket list (I feel like I never watch the movies that everyone is talking about and I don’t take time to relax to myself that often, so I think it would be fun to make a list of movies and cross them off as I go!)

6. Buy dinner for my family

7. Travel somewhere new (depending on the pandemic situation)

8. Dye my hair pink 

9. Cook a new recipe 

10. Do a social media cleanse 

11. Practice a new language 

12. Learn a Tik Tok dance

13. Buy something on my wish list (designer bags, tablet, etc.)

14. Volunteer / charity work

15. Plan a weekend / trip with some best friends 

16. Make more new friends

17. Design a clothing collection (just for fun!)

18. Hold a baby kitten

19. Get featured in an online publication 

20. Work with one of my dream brands

21. Memorize a rap song

22. Visit Grandma in Brussels, Ontario

23. Own a plant without killing it

24. Match outfits with a best friend 

25. Go camping  (or something outdoors!)

For this birthday photoshoot, my brother kindly took photos for me in my Toronto apartment and we got a lot of shots - perfect to post in celebration of today! Be sure to check out the video he helped me film as well.

This dress is from Ali Express and I really lucked out with this one! It’s a Giambattista Valli & H&M Dupe - super inexpensive and it is SUCH great quality for what I paid. It fits perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with it! I think this is my favourite birthday dress to date. Here’s last year’s dress for reference

Last but not least, I am absolutely thrilled to share that I collaborated with Justice for Desserts this year and she made me the most amazing birthday cake ever! 

Here it is...(drum roll please)

I am obsessed! She did a single tier vanilla cake complete with pink ombré icing, pink rose buds, and on top an array of frosting swirls, clusters of meringue roses, fondant roses and mini pink chocolate bars. She even did a little fondant piece with my name on it! She took ALL of my favourite ideas and combined them to create this and I could not be happier with it!

If you are interested in having an adorable cake for your next big event/birthday/celebration, be sure to get in touch with Justice! She is incredibly talented and so sweet. She made all of my cake dreams come to life! 

Thanks for reading today!


  1. Happy belated Birthday Mikayla!

    You look so glamorous, and your cake is very creative and beautiful.

    I also adore your cat!

    I hope you celebrated in style and enjoyed your special day!

    Love Saba xx

    1. Thank you!!! So sweet of you to say! I had a really amazing day, thanks so much xox