My Pink Glasses Collections / Eye Buy Direct and VoogueMe Review

I purchased glasses online for the first time back in November, and I'm so glad that I did! 

It is a bit of a risk because you don't get to try them on, but I have been wearing and purchasing glasses for the past 10+ years, so I'd say I have a pretty good idea what looks good and what kind of shape to go with. 

Of course I picked out all pink glasses! I made my first online glasses purchase with Eye Buy Direct in November and then tried Voogueme in June. Overall, I'm super happy with the quality of the glasses I received, especially for the price I paid.

Eye Buy Direct: Nala Glasses
Price: $45 CAD

These are by far the most comfortable pair of glasses I have! They are a subtle clear pink-nude colour and the shape is pretty nice. I like this rounder shape with a little bit of a cat eye. They are listed as "medium" size and fit me really nicely!

I am wearing these glasses here.

Price: $29 CAD

These glasses are my FAVE. I love the thick and exaggerated cat eye and of course, the hot pink colour with glitter! I've been told that these look really good on me and I personally love them. The shape and colour make for a bold statement, but so perfect for my very pink personality and overall look! The size is good, but they are a little smaller than the Nala pair above. Still comfortable and functional!

I am wearing these glasses here and here.

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Voogueme: Cat Eye Pink Crystal Glasses 
(these are sold out but here is similar white and similar pink glitter!)
Price: $33 CAD

These are super funky and something different than what I've tried before. I love the translucent pink paired with the gold and I really wanted to play around with more of a statement look. I have to admit, these frames are a little big on me and slide down my nose a bit, but I hope to find grips I can add to the nose piece and solve that issue!

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Eye Buy Direct: Laguna Fuchsia Pink
Price: $50 CAD

These little pink ones are super cute and I actually love the square look! They are not as fun as the others, but still a decent pair. The size is a bit small and tend to give me headaches, but I plan to go to an eye glasses store to get the arms bent to a better size soon!

I am wearing these glasses here and here.

Online shopping for glasses has been fun and I really like the variety you can search from. Have you ever bought glasses online before? What was your experience like?

Thanks for reading today!

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  1. I love the feeling of having fashionable eye wear. I just loved it and always made my day.