Love Is Support

It’s February! The month of love, am I right? 

There are many ways to show love. Self love, romantic love, friendship love; but one of the greatest ways I like to spread love is through supporting one another. 

I think that showing your optimism and support to family, friends, loved ones, small businesses, the underdog, etc is one of the best things we can do. I think that we should always be encouraging to others and spreading light and love. 

Today’s look features this super chic vintage white blouse (that I totally thrifted!) and I paired it with this amazing pink satin midi skirt that I got as a gift from my friend, Adrienne. 

I love love love where I shot this look too! It’s a bakery called Velvet Lane Cakes in Toronto and they have the yummiest cupcakes and the cutest space. I love supporting small businesses! 

Thanks for reading today!

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