Instagramable Miami: Pink Places in Florida Part 2

Every time I travel, I am always on the hunt for pink places! This time I explored some different parts of Florida and came across some photo-worthy locations that you will definitely want to check out and take a snap at. 

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1. Big Pink (Miami)

This stop was an absolute MUST. I saw it many times on IG before and knew I had to hit it up and pose with this adorable pink Beetle as well!

2. Ted’s Hideaway (Miami)

This place is right around the corner (attached) to Big Pink. It's the perfect baby pink colour and the wall is great for photo ops. 

3. Wynwood Walls (Miami)

The Design District in Miami is amazing! Take a walk through and discover countless painted walls and endless artwork. There are a few pink walls, but I believe they update and paint over them quite frequently. It will definitely be worth checking out for a great shot!

4. Pitusa (Miami)

There's a store called Pitusa near Wynwood Walls that is all pink with florals and it's the cutest little boutique.

5. Dreamer Acai (Miami)

This café is very small, bu adorable nonetheless! I came here because of the pink flamingo wall and how delicious their smoothie bowls looked. I tried the dragon fruit bowl and it was incredible.

6. The Pink Church (Pompano Beach)

This one was really close to where we were staying and I am so happy we found it! The whole church (and school) is pink. It's The First Presbyterian Church and also known as "The Pink Church". As I was taking photos outside, a member of the church came out and was very kind and encouraged the photo-taking. There is also a little garden area with a fountain that is absolutely stunning and worth taking a look at! 

7. Hidden Pink Staircase on Worth Avenue (Palm Beach)

This pink staircase is so cute and I'm so glad that I found it on the Oh So Glam blog! It's located in a little alley way, across from Jimmy Choo on Worth Avenue.

8. The Colony Hotel (Palm Beach)

I knew that Krystin Lee travels to Palm Beach and I decided to ask her where some of the pink places are. The Colony Hotel was one of her amazing suggestions!

9. Pink Apartments at the end of Worth Avenue (Palm Beach)

Another great suggestion from Krystin. This pink house / apartments is very cute and I got a lot of great shots here!

10. Riley Rose inside Forever 21 (Sawgrass Mills Mall)

Of course, I had to stop at the local Riley Rose! It's literally a pink Sephora.

11. The Geneva Hotel (Miami)

Collins Avenue is the place to be in Miami and there are quite a few pastel buildings that I knew I had to check out. You can snap OOTD pics at the Geneva Hotel, and there is even also a pink sign that reads "Tropics" and it's just the cutest thing.

Which pink place would you want to visit?

Thanks for reading today!

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