These Tights Are The Best

Ok but don't these pink pom pom hair ties + pink cardigan give you Britney vibes?

For today's look, I wanted to play up the 90's vibes in this LBD. It's so not fun wearing dresses in the winter (since it's so cold in Toronto) but my struggle has always been in finding tights that work for me. I like to keep my nails pretty long and I would always end up ripping my tights and having runs in them and that is literally the worst!

That's why I'm so glad that I found Sheertex tights. They are legitimately snag-proof! Yes, that's right! These tights won't rip - no matter how hard I pull them or try to scratch them with my nails, these tights do not budge!

I am so happy that I found Sheertex and now I never have to worry about ruining another pair of pantyhose again.

Right before heading out the door to shoot this outfit, it was a last minute decision to add the pink fluffy hair ties, but I'm glad I did! They are a super cute addition and they almost look like little pink ears. Who doesn't want little pink ears?!

I added my black cat Kate Spade crossbody bag to this look and loved how it fit the whole cutesy vibe I was going for.

Have you tried Sheertex tights before? Would you rock these pink pom pom hair ties? Let me know in the comments!

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Wearing: Forever 21 Dress and Cardigan, Sheertex Tights, Aldo Booties, Kate Spade Bag

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