DIY At-Home Photo Ideas

We are still in full-on quarantine, and although shooting content has been different lately (no street style shoots around the city anymore!) it has been interesting to find new creative ways to style and execute pink insta-worthy pics for my feeds.

I've also been isolating back in my hometown (Cobourg) and don't have access to my full wardrobe, props or the gorgeous natural light in my downtown apartment.

Here are some photo ideas that I had a lot of fun executing that I think YOU should try while you're looking for ideas to shoot at home!

1. (Kitten) Picnic

I decided to have a picnic with my cat one afternoon. Super random but it was adorable and made for some super cute pics! I laid out a pink blanket, picnic basket and some fruit in my backyard in Cobourg and took Olivia out on a pink leash. She is not an outdoor cat, so I had to be very careful with her and let her sit in my lap and take in the scenery. My parents' house has a great view in the backyard and there's a huge empty field behind us right now so it made for a really nice background in our photos. My dad helped to shoot these!

2. Baking + Cooking

I am NOT a baker and I don't really enjoy cooking that much either, but there's been a few things I've tried making lately. One of those is the infamous Tik Tok trending "pancake cereal". It literally just consists of mini pancakes and some maple syrup. I made mine extra small and even put some red food colouring in the batter to make them pink (of course!).

3. Outdoor Mirror Trend

Everyone and their sister is trying this out - so I thought, why not? The country space we have in Cobourg is gorgeous and I thought I would give it a go with a little handheld mirror that I had around the house. I love the country chic vibe of this and the Lana Del Rey feel I got with flowers in my hair.

4. Mirror Pics in general

I think this is a new IG trend? Either way, I'm into it. Really great for taking selfies and not having to bug a family member / deal with the hassle of a tripod + self timer!

5. Laundry

My laundry just happened to be a perfect colour sequence as I hung it up one day, so I snapped a pic and it worked great for my IG feed (haha!). Same with this clothes line pic I shot after a soak in the hot tub. It was inspired by Sophie's recent post.

6. Garage

I literally set up a blanket + tripod with some props in front of my parents' white garage door and it worked out great! It felt like a mini outdoor studio and I shot here around golden hour - such a perfect time!

7. Backdrop 

Setting up any kind of sheet or blanket as a backdrop is an easy and cost-effective way to execute some cute pics. I used this silky pink blanket I had lying around and I literally hung it over two chairs and sat on the floor in front of it. So easy and the shots turned out to be very fun!

Thanks for reading today!

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