Hometown Love

This past weekend I went back to my hometown for the long weekend. I visit home from time to time, but this time was definitely different because I brought one of my Toronto friends along!

Adrienne joined me for the road trip from Toronto to Cobourg, and we had a fun weekend filled with festival activities including ice cream, the ferris wheel, and taking instagram photos (as per usual). We also set up the cutest little photo-worthy pink picnic!

Every time I go home, I am reminded how much I love my little town and where I grew up. I always enjoy spending time with my family and revisiting spots that hold so many memories and childhood nostalgia. 

Adrienne and I had so much fun setting up this super pink picnic just off the boardwalk on a little beach area and it was gorgeous right around sunset. I wore pink to match - of course!

Where are you from? Do you come from a cute little hometown as well? Also - have you ever been to Cobourg before?! Let me know in the comments below!

Photos by Nick Kuehn

Stay tuned for a cute little vlog style video on my YouTube Channel later this week - I upload every Friday!

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