Summer Beauty Go-To's 2017

The heat is on and it's time to round up my summer beauty essentials for 2017! Keep reading for all product details...

This sunscreen holds a high level of protection and goes on milky smooth. I love using this daily in the super sunny months because I have a very pale complexion and prone to skin damage in the sun. I don't need any more moles than I already have!

I can't stop raving about these! They are perfect for removing my makeup and cleansing my skin at the end of a long, hot day. I love the citrus smell and they are nice and gentle on my skin. No irritation at all!

This stuff is so nice and refreshing. I have a mini bottle (photographed) that I can pop in my bag and take it with me on long shoot days and events!

This highlighter is super bronze and perfect for that nice summer glow that everyone is trying to achieve in the beauty world nowadays. NYX's "bright idea" highlighter is my ultimate go-to this summer!

Thanks for reading today!


  1. Just attended a NARS makeup event at Blue Mercury and it was awesome! I went with my best friend and got free makeovers! The staff was polite and welcoming. I loved the attention staff gave me in ensuring I understood how to apply my makeup

  2. Well done we need to face the summer weather..ty