Create Your Own Blend: Marc Anthony Styling Cocktails Review

I am super excited to talk about these Marc Anthony styling cocktails on the blog today! I got to try out 3 of the new dual styling formulas: Curl Cocktail (yellow), Smoothing Cocktail (blue) and Volume Cocktail (pink). 

I would say that I have super thick, naturally straight hair. My scalp is naturally super oily and I have A LOT of hair! I love trying new hair products that help me style it different ways. I am always looking for new ways to wear my hair and make it look super smooth, shiny and healthy. 

First of all - I have NEVER seen such a cool bottle concept for hair products before! These tubes are split in half down the middle by an insert, holding two different formulas - cream and lotion. The cap also splits in half so that you can open one side at a time. You can use one at a time, or use both and mix them together to create your own blend! Personally, I've enjoyed using both formulas together. 

This one clearly caught my eye because it's packaging is pink. Though my hair already has quite a bit of volume, I still gave it a whirl. I feel like it actually did give my hair an extra boost of fluffiness!

This one is probably my fave formula! I run it through damp hair to smooth and refine my naturally straight hair. I still use my straightening iron through my hair afterwards and it's noticeably smoother looking when I use this product. 

This one works really well for when I wash, dry and curl my hair all in one night. I do it this way so that I can shower at night and don't have to wake up super early just to style it! Even after sleeping on my hair and waking up the next morning, the curls stay in and are still super defined! I can't wait to use this one more.

In conclusion, I love these new Marc Anthony products! I think that they are a totally fun way to enhance my hair routine! The only thing is that I usually shower in the evening and style my hair in the morning - so since I use these on damp hair and then sleep on it, I feel like it might not be as effective. I think they would be way more helpful if I washed my hair in the morning, used the product, and the styled right away!

I will definitely continue to mix these up as I style my hair! What do you think? Which one would you want to try? Let me know in the comments xox

Thanks for reading today!

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