A Post For Mom: Happy 50th Birthday

Mom has easily been one of the most supportive and loving people in my life. She is always there and has spent the last 21 years of her life teaching me valuable lessons, giving advice and helping me navigate through life and reaching my goals.

Today is her 50th birthday and this post is dedicated to her xx

I can live my life knowing that mom taught me right; make sure I always get ready with a smile on my face and never leave home without "manners in my pocket". She is a woman with so many qualities I look up to. She is very wise, always stays calm in situations I struggle with, and is beyond understanding, caring and thoughtful. 

Today is her 50th birthday and since she has always been someone who does nice things for everyone else, I wanted to make sure that this birthday is really special for her. 

My family and I will be spending the day with her today and I am looking forward to it! 

Some of my favourite memories with my mom include spa days, family vacations and shopping. We may not share the exact same love for fashion and I might have dragged her to the mall one too many times than she had wished for - we definitely share the love of pink and caring for others. Nothing can come between the bond of a mother and daughter.

Though the days spent shopping, getting mani and pedis and vacationing were all great - some of my favourite moments with mom would have to be the phone calls and heart to heart talks. Long conversations about the world, career, friends, family, boys... everything. I love having someone that values the same things as I do and I can turn to for any advice I may need.

Here are some photos of mom and I from throughout the years. I even threw in some from when she was younger as well! Do you think we look alike? 

So, Happy 50th birthday to my mom! Hoping that this birthday is a special one for you.

Thanks for reading today

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