Created to Create

Sometimes it feels like it never ends. The day is 12+ hours long, the weekends turn into an extension of your work week and the results aren't always measuring up. You try and you try. You hustle, and you hustle hard

I've been doing this blogging thing for quite some time now (almost 4 years!) and I have to say that the only reason why I continue is because it's something I truly love. I love being passionate about something that is completely my own and under my own name. I am not affiliated with any other entity other than myself. This blog has been my baby. My content has been something I'm constantly working on. I feel like I am never not growing and evolving. I will never stop wanting to improve and find better ways to take my photos, style the outfits I wear or write about what is important to me.

I'm not a superstar "instagrammer" and I'm definitely wouldn't call myself a pro. I am flattered when people ask for advice, but the truth is that I am still learning too. I don't think I will ever have it figured out. Blogging is hard work and a huge commitment. It's something that I've stuck to as it's become over saturated and stereotyped. It is definitely something I am proud of to be a part of though!

I have a love for creating. I have a passion for the hustle. And I would never want it to end!

Today's look is styled with my fave silky pink mermaid bomber jacket, a cream white turtleneck, some cool black leather drawstring pants and a pair of go-to ankle booties. I am so happy that the weather is finally above 0 degrees here in Toronto and I can finally leave the apartment without my parka! 

How has spring been treating you lately? Let me know in the comments below!

Valfre Bomber // Forever 21 Sweater // Ali Express Sunnies // Saks Fifth Avenue Pants // ALDO Boots // H&M Earrings

Thanks for reading today!

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