This Suitcase Does Everything

I recently bought myself a new suitcase (finally!) and I am so happy with the one that I chose. It's a baby pink carry on by a brand called RADEN - and this suitcase literally does everything. 

This suitcase:

✔ Weighs itself (on an app)
✔ Has GPS location service 
 ✔ Is ultra-light and only ways 8.4lbs
✔ Has a TSA approved lock to keep belongings safe
✔ Can charge your phone (needs cable)

This suitcase has come in super handy for me from traveling to Florida in February to going home every now and then to visit my hometown. I use it just about every weekend as well when I go out to shoot blog content and change outfits in between locations. 

My friend Neguine and I do this crazy thing where we make a day out of shooting content for our blog and Instagram and we pack 2-3 outfits in a suitcase and walk around downtown Toronto taking photos and changing in Starbucks bathrooms. 

Below is a shot by Toronto photographer, Faras, who caught me while I was on my way to a day of shooting with Neguine of Persian Brunette. Even with the suitcase, it ended up being a pretty cool street style shot! Check out more of his work here

The size that I chose is the A22 carry and though it may be small and has a battery inside of it, I can actually fit quite a bit of things! I love the overall look and ease of the wheels and zipper compartments. Everything about this suitcase is beautiful!

If you want to order one to the US, you're in luck! I was able to order mine to a US address and pick it up, but if I wanted to order to Canada - it's a little bit of a tricky process. I would suggest ordering from Bed Bath and Beyond or Nordstrom if you want a Canadian address delivery. 

Want to know more about this suitcase? Watch my full review video below:

Thanks for reading today!

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